My Dress, My Image!!!

Give it up for our Australian sisters! I love their outfit and their positive mindset. They are led by Susan Carland who started this project of : My dress, my image! They do a muslim fashion show to present the hijab in its different forms and the muslim dress. At the same time, they talk about their experiences and it is a way to give dawah to the non muslim audience. Great video that I wanted to share.

Who is Susan Carland?
Susan Carland grew up in the Vermont area in Australia. She won the Muslim of the Year title in 2004.
At the age of 17, one of her New Year's resolutions was "to investigate other religions". Islam was not high on her list. "It looked violent, sexist and foreign." All she knew about Islam was a sentence in a children's encyclopedia and the movie, Not Without My Daughter. Afterwards her mother said: "I don't care if you marry a drug dealer, but don't marry a Muslim."

She doesn't know whether she found Islam or Islam found her. She'd turn on the television and find herself watching a program on it. Newspaper and magazine articles caught her eye. Privately, she began studying the religion and came across "a gentleness I never expected to find". Importantly, Islam appealed to her intellectually. "It didn't have that intellectual divide between mind and body and soul that I had found in Christianity."

Having made her decision to convert, she steeled herself to tell friends and family, particularly her mother, putting off the moment. Fate intervened one night when her mother announced they were having pork chops for dinner. "My mother gave me a hug," she recalls, "but she was crying." A few days later, she began wearing a headscarf.

This is the story of how Susan Carland came to Islam. She is so beautiful mashallah.I like how she said that Allah chose women to be ambassadors of Islam! You can't necessarily spot a muslim man in a crowd, but a muslim woman with a hijab on is highly visible. The short film was made by Sister Verity P. Sister Verity says: "It was the first film I ever made, I converted to Islam shortly after making it."


Cecilia said...

I have seen these videos... I like them and I think Susan Carland seems to be a very positive person =)

Habayeb said...

masha'allah! susan carland looks soooooo gorgeous in hijab! May Allah reward her. and her daughter is choooooo chweet too!

Amina said...

great videos! The hijab are so beautiful especially the bride's

Salimah said...

Masha Allah! Thank-you so much for putting that up. I didn't know about Susan but I've heard of these parades. If they're in Melbourne I might think about taking a trip down and seeing one insha allah. Great idea!

hijabee said...

I agree with you girls. Susan is just beautiful and these girls look gorgeous in their hijabs mashallah.

bebe said...

She's so positive.. Masha Allah! A great role model!