Is your marriage making you fat?

You vowed to love each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. But no one said anything about packing on the pounds together.Beleive it or not, I have gained 15 pounds since I got married about 5 months ago and no, I'm not pregnant! I found a study by Cornell University researcher Jeffery Sobal who states that newlyweds gain more weight than singles, widowed or divorced people. Causes include regularly eating out and women eating the same portions of food as their husbands. Another factor for marital weight gain could be a more sedantary lifestyle. With new responsibilities of setting up a new home and family, there may be less time for exercise or it may be neglected entirely.

Now it's true that we eat out a lot.Our together time often revolves around eating as if it was our main source of fun. Whenever we're bored, it's like:' let's go out, eat and go to the movies.' Then when we get to the movies, we will buy some popcorn, nachos and a big slurpee.To the top of that,I snack a lot. I for instance love snickers and we buy the big pack of about 40 snickers, put in in the fridge and finish it in 2 days! I feel like I constantly need to have something in my mouth, I crave food like crazy! I eat whenever my husband does, even if I'm stuffed,my portions get much larger in an attempt to match his. I don't even know why.....

Plus, I'm lazy and I've stopped exercising while I have a gym home but I only used it twice. I don't want to wake up ten years from now,looking at an old picture of myself and going, 'What the hell happened?'. The other thing is I hate dieting, I can't be on a diet, it just doesn't work for me! Some people are very good at it and can follow a structured schedule of what to eat when and how, I can't! The only way for me to stay fit is to start working out! So, I guess I'm gonna stop talking about it and hit the gym tonight at least stay on the threadmill for 30 minutes even if I'm walking!Running for 30 minutes is a huge deal for me. The reason being I always get bored when I am running. I think about all the things I should be doing,watching tv, laying on the couch, laundry, , cooking, internet... and so on and I am bored out of my mind.But I will keep you posted!

I found these tips on How to Keep Marital Pounds off:

1) Plan a regular exercise routine before or after work with your spouse instead of slouching on the sofa to watch television.

2) Make it a priority to wake up early to enjoy a substantial breakfast to avoid snacking in between meals

3) For a few days each week, plan and cook wholesome meals together.

4) Don't stock up on high-calorie snacks at home.

5) Wash dishes together, or go for a walk after meals. Doing activities together can also help strengthen your relationship.


Nourah said...

lol, thats me in the third photograph! I have to brainwash myself into exercising sometimes. so bad :(

Qwaider قويدر said...

You newly wed ladies are all the same!
My wife is making a huge deal out of it..

I personally think she looks gorgeous with a few pounds :)

Mina said...

Lol, sorry to laugh, im laughing now but scared to death that will happen to me as future hubby is so sure I will gain a few pounds once we are married:(

What the hell is going on seriously??? --- good luck with the diet, yay I too love to snack on snikers and galaxy chocolate hehe.

Yasmin said...

That soo happened to me in my first marriage. I was a good size before I got married and I used to work out, then 2 months in and one pregnancy later, I couldn't button my coat anymore. That wasn't good. But thanks to the stress of the divorce I lost it all. But I still got a few pounds to go.

Diali said...

It is so true and I believe it is because we try to keep up with the hubby's eating habbits. Alhamdoulilah for me, my hubby works out, so I just go with him to the gym and walk on the treadmill while he kills himself running and lifting weights :)

Diali said...
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hijabee said...

welcome to the club :)

it's a woman thing :)

we will see who will laugh later when you will gain 30 pounds:)

I don't know why it happens though :(

You're so lucky!

malizea the french hijabi said...

I am not married for the moment, that's maybe why I laughted so much when I read your post soubhanAllah!

Habayeb said...

i knowwww i laughed too! okay im not getting married! haha kidding! i think going for a walk after dinner is really fun! oh and i have a cycling machine rite in my room and my sis keeps on saying like 100times she'll cycle on it but no use! she's done it like only a few times.
Alhamdulilah Allah has blessed me with a slim body and i dont put on weight no matter what but i guess i will start my exercising too coz its good to be healthy. and hey DONT eat the sunnah way and exercise!

Mona said...

Don't let it happen to you. Seriously years go by and you wonder where your waist went. Becoming hijabi and wearing abayas also allows you to let yourself go a bit, when everything's loose you don't get that reality check that your jeans gave you...Consider yourselves warned.

muslimahh said...

This is definitely me!! And its sad!! :( I crave food all the time too! I'm just always hungry. And why do we eat the same amount as our husbands? I don't get it!?! When I make our plates I make them the same size! I really have to start working out!! Like today!! Maybe my daughter and I will walk to the park tonight! That's a good idea!!

hijabee said...

Your time will come :)

You girls are so mean, stop laughing :) You're lucky you don't gain weight, I do when I start eating a lot. The good thing is, I can also loose it easily when I work out or once I start eating healthy. Right now, Im a food junkie and I'm lazy :(

You're so right! It's easy not to notice a few extra pounds with loose clothing and abayas. It's when I try to get into my jeans or regular pants that I SEE and FEEL the difference, I have to stop breathing just to button them!!!!

I don't know why we eat the same as they do lol, greed? Take a walk to the park, that's good exercise, at least better than laying on the couch in front of the tv all day! I need to start working out too as in yesterday!

Amina said...

girl, i've also gained weight because i am stressed out and chocolate and ice cream are so comforting!
like you, i hate diets, actually they don't even work for me because i loove food!!
so what i try to do is exercise for 2 hours every week...
sometimes i am able to follow that routine, others not at all...sigh!!

Dire que quand j'etais en Terminale, je me trouvais grosse!! j'etais siii mince!!!

*~Ange~* said...

i hear ya about the married-gaining weight thing.

you just wake up one day and realised your bigger. and its not just wives, men do the same thing. we all eat eat eat

hijabee said...

I love eating too :) It's just so good lol. At least you exercise, I should start doing that!

Yes but mine eats a lot and never gains any weight! Not fair.

Anonymous said...

Hey salaam,
This is interesting b/c our African culture would make you a true married woman since it's such a positive sign, i.e. happiness. However, you do wnat to maintain yourself. Eating per se and snacking is not all that bad but you must find a way to restrain your constant desire to eat and munch...and what better than fasting of course for the sake of Allah (swt). It helps a lot, I know the extra fasting [mondays and thursdays] have enabled me not to always munch. Good luck.

Mai-chan said...

ok ladies im gonna give you advice from the worst type of human being among you. im a COMPUTER GAMER. i definately need to lose weight and lost a stone and 4lbs by using wii fit, that game station youve probably all bought for your kids assuming its a "kids"console, well you're wrong, get wii fit, do 1 hourt a day or half if you dont have the time and trust me the weight will go. if u stop losing weight stop excercising to let the muscle drop off for 2 weeks then start again. but trust me it works, and u can even set it up to tell u to run then watch your favourite programme. yes pointless, and you could do it without the console, but without the console, would you really get up and do it.

hijabee said...

I don't think getting fat is a symbol of happiness lol :)Fasting is perfect of course but that is something else I need to work on inshallah :)

Interesting :)

Mina said...

Lol 30 pounds, thats a bit mean isnt it:(

Aidasouka said...

hello tout le monde!
billet tres drole ( mon anglais s' améliore lol) mais tellement vrai. perso je n'ai pas plus grossi depuis mais au prix de quels effort?!! peut etre grossit on parce que justement on est serein( sorry amina !)... mais attention un peu oui mais trp hum hum... mais l'essentiel est que l' on se sente bien dans sa peau; sans maladie et que ca plaise a hubby non?

Khadra said...

Good luck! When you are exercising you will have lots of time to think of new blog posts for us to read :)

And, it's very true about matching portions. I guess we just always feel like we have to keep up lol!

Umm Ismail said...

lol I must say i had Reverse thinking I got married Fat. So i might get skinny lol Darnt it ain't worked yet!!!


sata said...

lol this post is so funny.yes my marriage is making me fat.i saw myself al over it.i got married 5months ago,and already i've packed 7lbs.exercise is not for me(not since i became a hijabi,i loved swimming)i like sweets a little too much and i'm a homebody,after work,i dont do much else.guess there's no miracle solution.i'm gonna start inchaAllah

hijabee said...

You can still swim if you get the hijabi swimsuit :) It's called burquini I think :)

sata said...

salam sis,
i'm so glad you mentioned the burquini,is it really ok to wear it,i mean it is so form fitting,and to be honest i don't know of any place over here that is muslimah friendly,i mean for swimming

Ranya said...

I gained over 20 pounds since I got married 4 years ago!! I'm currently working on it though, wish me luck!