I Accuse!

This is an excerpt of an article beautifully written by the scottish blogger Jimmy Kerr Paysley on the Palestinian-Israeli issue. You should check it out! The entire article can be found here

In the spirit of Zola, I accuse several institutions of perpetrating a sustained character attack on the people of Palestine, the Arab world and Islam.

I accuse the corporations of propping up, what is almost universally recognized as a pariah state for having any dealings within that state and for making money out of that state.

I accuse the vast majority of our cultural leaders and so-called personalities, who are in a position to grab the media agenda of covering their mouths either in fear or in willful ignorance instead of speaking out as befits people of their stature

I accuse the vast majority of academics and other educated people, of similar crimes to celebrities, all the more heinous, given their intellect and their unique position in society as educators as well as agenda setters. I accuse them of refusing to engage with the issue in any meaningful way.

I accuse that fourth-rate estate of propagating an image of the average Palestinian as something separate from “us” in effect creating a false division, for underreporting the blockade and for blacking out the truth of the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict

Finally, I accuse our so-called political leaders and elected representatives of tolerating the Pariah State of Israel and its long history of hideous crimes. I accuse those cardboard cut-outs of doing virtually nothing whilst this state gets away with mass murder.

Not once have any of those despicable cut-outs ever made an unequivocal statement against Israel. Anything that they say is tempered and undermined by support for Israel. They never mention injustice, only that the bombs and rockets should stop, they never mention the Palestinian dead. They never give the historical context. They are a disgrace, second only in their horribleness to their friends in the media.


Empress Anisa said...

Wow, just read his post- pretty powerful... at least someone outside of "us" have the guts to actually speak up!

hijabee said...

I know, that was a breath of fresh air after all the negative press we've been getting :)

Steven Lance said...

I wrote a history of the Zionist taking of Palestine twenty years ago; recently digitized and available for reading:

Would love to hear your comments! For more current events, I have a blog:

Currently the blog post is: Gazatrocity

Please pass along the history article link to any/all...

yunan_syahpora said...

Assallamuallaikum... I Think now... the time for Jihad although with words...

Hajar said...

Just got to it. Tremendously thought provoking. I'm along with him on the hopes.

hijabee said...

I read your post! Your blog is interesting, I will stop by often :)

Waleikum salam, that is so true.

It is, indeed !

Jamaican Hijabi said...

Assalamu alaikum,
Great post MashaAllah. I ventured over to Steven Lance's post 'Gazatrocity' and Jimmy Kerr Paysley's blog, its good to know that there are non-muslims out there who are not blinded by the lies the traditional media has been dishing out.

Ms.Unique said...

Jazak Allah Khairan for this post .... I've posted it on my Fb profile .... I wish half the world would be filled with such people ....

Coffee Catholic said...

Hear, hear!!

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

yes pray and accuse

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hijabee for posting the Zola letter and the link to the article by Paysley.
I am not surprised the article is written by a socialist,as I think nowadays they are really the only ones in politics who think about the good for the people.To me it is very important to read such articles,because they somehow put in order also my thoughts.I want to say that they describe in a clear way what I think.
The media wants us to follow a line that is "in" at this moment of the history.It is true when the author says that they forget to tell that todays history is only a consequence of the past history.You know how it is,a person who has a hard job in a factory,for example, comes home late in the evening,opens the TV and is of course too tired to even think about the whole real situation - like the one in Gaza.He will belive what he is told,just for the sake of it.He will not open the history books!And so begins a circle of ignorance...
However,what is really sad,is that the so called intellectuals of the world do not really try to bring out the truth and explain it to the everage people.No,all that is said is that the bombing has to stop.Than the one who asks himself why should the bombing be stopped watches the TV and becomes his answers,and here he starts to think that after all these Palestinians deserved it.
Yesterday,when in Trieste (in Italy) I went shopping with a friend on one of the most famous squares of the city I saw old men protesting against Palestinians and beseeching for people's singnature for a petition that Israelis finally get their well deserved state.Do I need to ask who really needs a state here?
I am not famous,nor do I consider myself itellectual,but I am an everage person.My heart is open and warm,and I am ready.I am ready to fight my own little fight for justice,for Palestinians.I know Hijabee you are ready,too.
In our small world with firm conviction in the idea of a free autonomous state of Palestina we can do a lot.Next time someone says stupid things about the situatin in Gaza let's respond to this person with firmness and let's stand for our ideas.

hijabee said...

Jamaican HIjabi,
Waleikum Salam! Yeh it's good to see that some people still stand for truth and justice.

Ms.Unique,thanks for posting it, I'm sure some people will benefit from it.

Coffee Catholic,
Thanks for stopping by!

Rabbi Lars Shalom,
Thank you for your comment :)

I totally agree with you :)And it is true that a lot of people are misinformed and don't really understand what's going on or how this whole issue started. I guess that's where our responsibility comes in educating them and letting them know whenever we get the chance how this came about. I am with you!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Hijabee,
I am afraid that it is the non-muslims who will have to stop this war ideologically. As I fear that they are the only that will be heard. Perhaps, reasonable muslims have been ignored, rejected and silenced for so long and to such an extent that too many of us feel desperate and this can lead to extreme measures, that too often backfire. So, we need to encourage these people to say what noone can accept from us - the simple truth.
Fi Iman Ilah,