The Aftermath-Happy Jummah

"Wherever you may be, death shall overtake you, even if you were in fortified towers". Noble Qur'an (4:78)

First, thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, duas and comments. I really appreciated all of them. Being so close to death, was perhaps a blessing, a reminder from Allah that I was deviating from my main purpose in this life. Sometimes, we are so consumed in our activities, families, jobs, school, the pursuit of whatever worldly goods we are pursuing that we forget the essence and purpose of our being here. This accident reminded me of that purpose. I think for me, it will be a constant reminder that at every point in time, the hereafter is just steps away....

After seeing the damage to the car, my husband quite did not believe my story. He thought there had to be more to it, than just hitting the curb. So, being the investigator he is, he was able to find the phone number of the gas station close to where the accident happened and was able to talk to the owner Tim who happens to be one of the people who pulled me out of the car. So, according to Tim, I hit a rock which tilted the car, and I then hit a tree and the car flipped after I hit the tree and slid a few miles on its side. You can imagine my surprise when my husband told me that, because the whole time I thought I just hit the curb and the car flipped. I have no recollection of ever hitting a rock, let alone a tree or of the car sliding a few miles after it flipped. My husband of course went to the accident site to take pictures of the rock and the tree just to show me:

I still can't believe that this little rock was able to tilt the car....

Tim said it was a good thing that I hit the rock first because that prevented me from hitting the tree right away. He believes the damage would've been greater had I hit the tree in full speed and from the front.

I still did not go back to the site of the accident, though my husband wants me to so I can get over it. I'm having a minor crisis of Agoraphobia. I am scared of walking down the street by myself and don't even think about driving. We're supposed to pick up my rental car today. I will see if I can master the strength to drive again with my husband next to me.

Jummah Inspiration
Some body asked Imam Hassan Mojtaba (as):

Why are we reluctant to die, why don't we like death?

"Because", replied the Imam Hassan Mojtaba (as), "You ruined your next world (hereafter) and developed this one; naturally, you do not like to be transferred from flourishing to decline."

Imam Hassan Mojtaba (as) said: The faithful people use this world to gather provisions for the next world but faithless people only enjoy the fruits of this world while living.

Imam Jafar Sadegh (as) quoted on the authority of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww): What do I have to do with this world, and what does this world have to do with me? The story of me and the world is similar to that of a man who is riding on a hot day and reaches a tree. He takes a nap under the shade of the tree for a short while, and then goes on leaving the tree behind.

Imam Jafar Sadegh (as) said: The person, who is attached much to the world, when it is time to depart, will have many deep regrets and many grievances.

Imam Ali (as) said: You are the game that death hunts. If you stand still it will seize (catch) you. If you ran (flee) away it will overtake you.


Ranya said...

I don't blame you for being afraid to drive! I'm glad you were pregnant, instead of having a baby in teh backseat with you. After reading your story, it was in my mind the next time I got in the car, with my 8-month old in the back. May God protect us all!!!

Ms.Unique said...

Absolutely correct we do tend to forget our purpose here ... Jazak Allah Kahiran for the reminder ...

May Allah keep u and ur family in His protection always and may He help you overcome the trauma Ameen

Hugs :)

Mina said...

That little thing caused all that, Subhanallah...may Allah protect you and your family always, ameen.

Mina said...

You've been awarded

Hijabee said...

True, I can't imagine having a child in the backseat and this happening! May God protect you and your baby.

Ameen. Thank you for your duas. Hugs :)

I'm so glad you called. It was nice talking to you with your british accent :-p

Skye said...

salaamz sis yeah just take ur time dont rush things uve been through something huge.alhamdulillah u r ok but...I made dua for u other day actually.Insha'allah u get through this stronger than ever

Yasemin said...

This reminder made me start to buckle up again! I have a bunch of no-seatbelt tickets, yet always remember to buckle Youssef in. Now, I'll NEVER forget my own seatbelt. Being thrown from the car is a very real fear. Glad you're ok, how is Miss Baby Girl doing? Love you.

Hijabee said...

Salam. Thank you so much for your duas. May Allah reward you.

Yes, you should definetely buckle up. It can save your life. As for me, I am doing well and more cautious than ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed by the way your husband searched for that petrol station to find out more accurate information about the accident.That was so responsable of him and nice.Anyway,a big wow for what happened!It's incredible that you don't remember the rock and the tree!I really hope you'll soon overcome your fears of driving again or going alone down the street.You'll see,you'll be fine.Just take your time and try to be relaxed.
Kiss,kiss my dear :)!

Anonymous said...

Oh,and thank you very much for the verses and story of how we're affraid to die.It's so,so,so true that we should never ever forget about the fact that death has it's own schedule,and we should never forget about the hereafter.

Hijabee said...

Thanks for your comment dear Jasmina. I'm slowly driving again and overcoming my fears. It will take some time to be confident again but I guess thats what happens in situations like this. Thanks again for stopping by :)

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