I failed.....

I just received a call from my dr saying that I failed my glucose test which means I could have gestational diabetes. I have to go to a different lab tomorrow morning for a 3 hour test that can take up to 5 hours and have my blood drawn every 30 minutes. I have to pass at least 3 of those tests to be cleared. Make duas for me!


Sacrifice4Allah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum dearest sister,

InshaAllah all will go well. You'll be in my duas.

muslimahh said...

Inshallah everything is fine!! I think I have to take mine next week. I hate that orange stuff! :)

Mina said...

Inshallah everything goes well hun, your in my duaa's:)

hijabee said...

Waleikum Salam. Thank you :)

Good luck on yours. That orange stuff is nasty and you have to drink an even bigger one for the 3 hour test.

Thank you Mina :) Sorry for the pregnancy scare on your blog LOOOL

Yasmeen said...

Salaam Alaikum sis,
I had to go in for the GD blood test 2 times,but Alhamdulillah the second one was negative.Hope it'll be the same with you.
You are in my prayers.Take care.hugs.

ModestJustice said...

Asalamu Alaikum sister,
Insha'Allah all goes well for you sister!! :D

Mina said...

Your wlc sis
Lol hijabee your too funny walahi i don't know where you even got that from haha...

nor said...

pray that everything will be fine, insya allah. take care, sis

Nawal said...

every 30 min? my 3 hour test blood was drawn every hour for 3 hours... i have started reading that after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes that these tests are not always accurate. I noticed the lab people dont always measure the syrup drink every time.

Anyway, I hope all goes well, its not the end of the world if you do have it, it just means you have to watch what you eat they will tell you what you can and cant do for exercise.

Take care

kakchik said...

Assalamualaikum sis. I pray to Allah that your tests would come out negative and you are healthy from diabetes.
InsyaAllah you'll be strong for whatever outcome but I really hope all will be alright. Take care sis.

Amina said...

Je suis desolee d'apprendre cette nouvelle. Inch'allah tout se passera bien demain. Tu seras dans mes pensees. Bon courage :) Yalla bakhna!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Salam Alaykom sis :)
Insya'Allah khayer :) Allah Ma'ak <3


Empress Anisa said...

Don't worry is right... sometimes the 1st one is postive than the 3 hour turns out okay!
And if it's turns out you do have it, depending how high the numbers come back, you will either have to watch your diet, take pills or insulin if you chose to.

Out of of my last 3 deliveries, I had it with 2 of them and now with this last one.... there are many factors involved with someoen getting it: with the 1st time (2nd birth), I was diagnosed during the last 7 weeks of the pregnancy and had to watch my food intake; with the 2nd time, I developed it at about 22 weeks and I watched what I aet and took a pill- everything was fine. And now, since I just gave birth to the other and was pregnant immediately again, as soon they ordered the test, it was positive... but before for my 6 week check up, I had blood drawn to check the status of it, and after 1 week of giving birth, it was gone!!! But one huge factor for me getting it is my age....

I said all of that, in hopes that you won't worry too much- it's not the worse thing to happen to you during pregnancy... and this time around, I opted for an extremely low dose of insulin (10cc X 2) as the body does absorb it better than the oral meds... something to consider.

* Smooches *

Hijabee said...

Waleikum Salam. I hope the same thing will happen to me as well :)

Thank you sis

LLOL, i swear I did not even know I wrote that till you pointed it out loool and i kept laughing for like 10 minutes after reading everybody else's comments. They were all confused LOOL.

Ameen sister. Thank you for stopping by

Hijabee said...

Sorry to hear that the same thing happened to you. I'm hoping for the best tomorrow. I guess sitting there for 4 hours won't be fun either grrr...

Waleikum Salam. Thank you so much for your duas :)

Thank you :) InshaAllah I will keep you posted.

Waleikum Salam, thank you :)

Hijabee said...

Empress Anisa,
Wow, I didn't know you had it and have no clue as to what the factors are. I will stop worrying and try to stay positive. I truly hope I don't have it though coz it's hard for me to be on a strict diet.
How's the last leg of pregnancy going? You must be heavy and exhausted by now! :)

Ms.Unique said...

Insha Allah will definetly make special duas for ya ... don't worry everything will b f9 ...

Coffee Catholic said...

Again, don't be too afraid.

The medical research shows that, "In normal pregnancy, certain hormones make extra glucose available to the fetus by preventing the mother's insulin from doing its normal job of transporting glucose out of her bloodstream into her own cells. This insulin-suppressant effect increases as pregnancy advances. As a result, the maternal blood glucose levels after eating rise linearly throughout pregnancy, although the pregnant woman has normal or even above-normal levels of insulin..." etc, etc, etc.

The key is to observe if you are experiencing actual diabetic symptoms, such as feeling "drunk" and going unconcious, and so forth. You will only have diabetes if you are actually symptomatic for diabetes. Otherwise your high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) is in fact perfectly normal.

Just because you have high blood glucose levels does not mean that you and/or your baby are in danger. This is actually a normal state for many pregnant women. The only time you should really be concerned is if you have actual diabetic symptoms ~ the drunkenness, the passing out, etc from hypoglycemia. (This is when all of your glucose remains in your blood stream but none of it goes into your cells.)

Baby gets first dibs. Always. Mom comes second haha! Even when it comes to glucose!!

This glucose testing that you are going through is actually quite unreliable and 50% - 70% of women will have different results if retested.

If you do "feel funny" after a meal, check that you're not eating things that are not often tolerated well by pregnant women: sugar, white flour, etc.

Obviously listen to your OB! But don't let them get you too worked up about this "gestational diabetes" stuff. If you don't have diabetic symptoms, you're ok. Don't worry. You are not diabetic just because of high blood glucose levels.

I'm very greatful for modern medicine but personally I get soooo frustrated by all of this hype! They push test after test on pregnant women and stress us about the results... and all for what?? Don't let them treat you for "diabetes" unless you are actually going into distress. If there's no distress, there's no diabetes!

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I'd advise you to arm yourself with:

"Obstetric Myths versus Research Realities" isbn 0-89789-242-9


"Ina May's Guild to Childbirth"

isbn 0-553-38115-6

This will help you to be able to look at everything from all angles!

Habayeb said...

You and your baby are in my duas! Be calm and leave keep trust in Allah!

PS - Love your new blog look!

malizea said...

I will make dou'a for U and your baby inchallah!!

Diali said...

Salam sis,
You are in my dua's inchallah all will be well.
Fater wou ma la si aye nianes

Hijabee said...

Thank you hun :)

Coffee Catholic,
Girl, it looks like you're very educated on this subject. I need to get me some of those books you're reading :) But you're right, everything is over exaggerated, the natural part of pregnancy, labor and birth is ignored. It's crazy how we are robotic and computerized. There is this need to have the perfect textbook pregnancy while there is not such a thing as a textbook pregnancy. Every woman is different!

Hijabee said...

Thank you. Yeh, i needed to make some changes and cleaning around the blog lol.

Thank you so much!

Salam. How are you by the way? Long time lol.

Yasemin said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't take the test today. Inshallah I know this must be annoying, but perhaps this is Allah's way of telling you there is light at the end of the tunnel. Love you for the sake of Allah habibty.