Would you use it?

Abu Huraira (رضي الله عنه) reported that the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلّم) said, "When the Muslim - or believing - slave does wudu' and washes his face, every wrong thing at which his eyes have looked leaves with the water - or with the last drop of water. When he washes his hands, every wrong thing which his hands have touched leaves with the water - or with the last drop of water. When he washes his feet. every wrong thing to which his feet have walked leaves with the water – or with the last drop of water, until he emerges cleansed of sins."
[Muslim 1/148 and others]

Uthman ibn Affan (رضي الله عنه) said, "I saw the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلّم) do wudu like I am doing wudu now. Then he said, 'Anyone who does wudu' like that, will be forgiven his previous wrong actions, and his prayer and his walking to the mosque are an added bonus.'"
[Muslim 3/113]

What's next, a prayer machine that takes you through the positions automatically when you sit on it?

A hajj bike that does the tawaf for you and fires pebbles at the shaytan?


ModestJustice said...

"A hajj bike that does the tawaf for you and fires pebbles at the shaytan?"

But the wudu-to- go thing seems good because whenever I do wudu, I get water everywhere!

Next up: Niqab friendly versions! Retractable hose for underneath the fabric if there happen to be men around! :D

malizea said...

lol that's a weird machine I don't think I would use it... I love to think that I am doing the same mouvement of the prophet peace be upon him when I do wudu!

Br. David said...

Alhumdulilah that water evaporates so excess water around isn't an issue. Why must people try to make things easy through complication?

Mona said...

That machine looks weird and kinda scary. I think I'll stick to the sink.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

LOL @ at the hajj bike.

Whyyyyy are people creating such things? like issit reallllyyyy that necessary?



Anonymous said...

He,he,he...that machine looks funny:)!I don't think I'd use it,and would continue to stick to the sink as Mona said.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hijabee,I just want to let you know that you are adorable =)!Check out my BLOG,please.

OhSoMuslim said...

LOL! That's pretty strange to me.

Sabrina said...

I think that some people had made a fuss about public bathrooms (like at airports etc.) becoming messy so maybe that's why they felt the need for something more structured specifically for wudu. But looking at that contraption, there is no way I would stick a limb into that thing! I think it would be better to make a few of those traditional wudu areas they have in the masaajid.

Precious Muslimah said...

I don't know if you'll believe it or not,but my mom and I were joking about this some years ago, when our Masjid had a toilet installed that did istinjaa for you. We were like 'what's next,a machine that does your wudhu for u?' While the istinja toilet isn't such a bad invention, this is ridiculous. No way would I use this InshAllah, I would be too afraid of drowning if that thing sprayed too much water up my nose, or getting my foot stuck LOL. (I could probably go on for a while with this)

Yasemin said...

I'll stick to the sink too. The only good thing about that contraption is if it prevents you from having to put your feet in the sink, and kill yourself in so-doing :)

Hijabee it's me Lisa. But, I wanted to start using my Islamic name sweetie! Love you lots!

Queen said...

hi hun hope that all is going well sis. you have been tagged with the honest scrap award, i would love to know things about you. plaese go to my blog for more info

Umm Ismail said...

What in the H.E.l.l have we Resulted to. I mean We already Lazy now we have a machine for Wudu I tell yeah. I would not use it for risk my Salaat might not be might not be Excepted. because Wudu is the easiest and it Hands on no machine on, Some worldly innovation can be a benefit to the ummh and some or Just tearing at the Roots of what Allaah has established you feel me. this is a bad thing. this a waste of money and this machine the cost of it can feed poor people. Why folks can't Return back to basics Subhana allah

hijabee said...

Lol @ the niqab friendly version :) As long as it doesn't punch niqabis on the face lol.

Yes, me too :) Automated wudu is just weird :)

I guess because we live in the age of technology, people are always looking for new ways to be lazy :)

hijabee said...

You and me both!

People want to be lazy :)

Oh, you are so more adorable than I am :) Hugs!

Oh So Muslim,
Tell me about it

hijabee said...

I'd be scared to use it as well. It just looks kinda complicated for something so easy.

Precious Muslimah,
See, you never know what they will invent next :) I'm sure we will hear of some other weird machines in a few years :)

I'm so used to Lisa, it will be weird seeing Yasemin now lol.

I will check it out. Thanks :)

Umm Ismail,
Tell me about it. Human laziness has no bounderies :)

Tuttie said...

sounds cool enough. Would I try it YES! would i pray after using it...i am not sure. I am a creature of habit so I would probably do wudu the usual way and go pray.

Dedra said...

I'm not the only person thinking this is awesome right?!?!?! lol right?!?! lol oh well

Spark said...

oh my God!! when i was a kid i thought of an invention like that but not for wuduu, but for having an easy quick shower :)but ppl laughed at me then.

Hijabee I'm new to the bloggong world & i'd like u & ur friends here to visit my blog.
salam :)

Abdul Vakil (AV) said...

Subhan'Allah al-Adeem! This is nearly, if not equally, as bad as the computerized inter-active sajada they came out with a couple years back.

and LOL @ your closing rhetorical.

Wa'salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Hajar said...

Nah nah nah ... I'm too old school for that. :P

Noor said...

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Tuttie said...

lol i told the hubster about your hajj bike and the throwing of the stones and he was like "if it has an automatic shayatin detector, i am buying!"

Marianne D-K said...

Looooooool for the shyatan detector I m buying too...

At work we have a look-a-like kinda thing it s like a wudu-sink but of course it's not automatic I wish it was...I wouldn't mind at all.The one we have I guess they were sick of us wetting the bathroom so they made a really low sink and another one on top very clever I think...As for the bike hajj why not! I roll for it!


hijabee said...

Dedra, I think you're on your own on this one LOL!

Tuttie, lol, your hubby's funny :)

Spark, how would that work for a shower, lol. I'm curious to know. I will stop by ur blog. Thanks for stopping by :)

Abdul Vakil, never heard of that one before, interesting :)

Hajar, yeh I know you're an old woman lol.

Noor, waleikum Salam, I tried your link, but it looks like it's private. Do I need an invitation or something?

Marianne D-K, You're lucky that they're accommodating your wudu needs at work :)

Maryam said...

lol @ all these comments

I am definately putting your blog on my favorites ;)

Hijabee said...

Lol. Thanks for stopping by :)

Ahmed said...

Everyone is commenting how they want to make wudu in the sink like the prophet. the prophet didnt have a sink or even a traditional wudu area like in mosques now. there was no such thing as running water back then and i am sure some people back in the day has the same fears of their wudu being accepted if they did it in a sink or from a faucet. the fact is as long as you are washing the same limbs in the same order as the prophet taught and you are doing it with water it dosnt matter what the water is coming out of.

Young Muslim said...

its not as bad as the ramadhan fasting tablets!!! fast and dont even feel it they say!! whats the point right??
Ahmed - i agree where the water comes from doesnt matter but this this is talking abt doing the washing for you.. not where the water comes from