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In a bar in a remote village in Spain, close to the city of Olite, there is a sign placed there by the owner. "Just as I succeeded in finding all the answers, all the questions changed." The master says: "We are always concerned with finding answers. We feel that answers are important to understand what life means. "It is more important to live fully, and allow time to reveal to us the secrets of our existence. If we are too concerned with making sense of life, we prevent nature from acting, and we become unable to read God's signs." Paolo Coelho~ Maktub

Yeh, so much for an inspirational title! Good news I passed my 3 hours glucose test which means, I don't have gestational diabetes, yey! I was worried about that since I'm very bad at following a strict diet. I've never been able to follow any sort of diet, I lack a certain discipline that is necessary for things like that.

I also started childbirth classes on Tuesday and I'm loving them. The first class was very informative and I think it's also an opportunity for my husband and I to bond with the baby. He's been so busy with work recently that we barely spend any time together. It's gonna be good to spend these 2 hours every week together bonding with the baby and experimenting some breathing, massage and comfort techniques that are supposed to help during labor.

Apparently these are normal Newborn Characteristics per my childbirth classes:
-The baby's head may have an odd shape. It may look pointy and long or too large for the small body. Don't panic, that is normal!
-The eyes may appear puffy and seem out of focus. Don't worry, that is normal!
-The skin may look wrinkled, red or scaly. It will peel off during the first week of birth! Don't panic!

And just in case you did not know, these are some Pregnancy Do's & Don't:


Tuttie said...

alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! I just like saying it so Alhamdulillah.

I rushed over here when I read the title super excited and a little disappointed but Alhamdulillah for your results. Also how can I join your traveling hijab blog?

Hijabee said...

Yes alhamdulilah! Why are you disappointed? lol. Just send me an email @ so I can add you to the sisterhood's blog :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

that email doesn't work. :( i received an error:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

.::Tuttie::. said...

never mind. I figured it out. :)

Mina said...

Yay you:) pleased for you sis, lol thanx for the baby tips hehe odd shaped head with my luck im bound to have an odd looking baby with a huge head omg and the pain thats why i say C - section all the way:P

Ms.Unique said...

Nice quote ... Alhamdulillah that it came out well .... Masha Allah that's so nice to spend time together .... Am so happy for ya :D

Amina said...

Alhamdoulilahi, you passed the test!! YAY!
I can't see any of the pictures about pregnancy dos/donts :(

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah,you don't have gestational diabetes :)!
It's so super cool that you and your husband will have those two hours for both of you together and the baby.Don't forget to bring along the camera,so one day you'll be able to show some pictures of those moments to your baby-girl.
I loved very much the entry to your post.I'm definitely a person who want's answers all the way!Maybe because of that I don't see any signs from Allah.Even though I'm so waiting for a moment of bliss,but there's nothing there.You know,I don't write about it,but I'm having such a hard time living after my heart broke a few months ago.Anyhow,the show must go on!

Quest said...

what a beautiful quote. I'll think about it if you promise to take me to spain. Isn't it beautiful to find a whole new set of questions each time?.... otherwise we'll be done so early in life we'll have no more creative juice in us.... ay caramba, spain?


Nikki said...

I loved childbirth classes because it got hubby more involved in the pregnancy and explained all of my crazy symptoms to him!

Our son's head was mis-shapen because he was facing the wrong way (all back labor). His eyes were pretty out of focus, too, lol. As his mother I thought he was perfectly perfect, though, of course! Mash'Allah now he is just too adorable. :)

I'm glad to hear you had good test results!

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Alhamdulilah you don't have diabetes!

May Allah make the rest of your pregnancy easy! Ameen!

Jamaican Hijabi said...

Assalamu alaykum Sis,

May Allah make it easy for you Ameen!

Hijabee said...

I will send you an invitation :)

Lol c-section is painful as well. I mean you don't feel anything while they're doing it but I heard the recovery is really bad :)

Ms Unique,
Yeh, it's really great to spend some time together :)

I don't know why you can't see them, coz I can. It's weird? Maybe the browser you're using?

Hijabee said...

I'm sorry that you're still hurting from your heartbreak. I've got my heart broken once and know how hard it is to move on and get over it. Just remember that time heals everything and when the time is right, you will forget all about it and meet someone who will make you feel loved and happy :) For now, just focus on yourself, your goals and what you want to do for you. Love * hugs!

I have a one way ticket to Spain waiting for you :) But yeh, questions keep us going. Life would be so boring if we had the answers to everything

Hijabee said...

MashaAllah, Im sure your son is adorable. I too love the childbirth classes as it gives us some time away from all the craziness of our daily lives to just focus on the pregnancy and what needs to be done:)

Ameen sister. Thank you for stopping by :)

Jamaican Hijabi,
Waleikum Salam. Ameen :)