Infatuation- Is it worth it?

I am infatuated with these 2 silk gowns!!!! I think Im gonna go bankrupt!!!! Are there any shopaholics out here? I especially love the blue one!!!! The price is the only thing I'm not in love with.... $194 a peice. Worth it or not? Which one would you get for that price?

Just love this onee!!!


Cecilia said...

I know what you mean! I LOVE TO SHOP! I like both of them, especially the dark one! BUT I must say that they are very expensive... not so sure I would by one at that price...but they are beautiful

Habayeb said...

I love both of 'em too! Im totally in love with the second one since yesterday when i saw it on artizara's site. They have some awesome gowns. However, Im not allowed to shop online.

Amina said...

I loove the second one too! So gorgeous!!!
I believe in splurges...not at all the time(unless you can afford it, which is great *grins*) but definetely once in a while

don't be surprised if it mysteriously disappears from your

hijabee said...

I know right, beautiful but expensive!

Why are you not allowed to shop online? Don't tell me that you shopped so much you got grounded, lol.

Same here.... I go crazy sometimes! I will make sure to lock my closet lol

Habayeb said...

haha..naah, the thing is i dont work so i dont have a debit or credit card..and I cant ask my dad or sis to pay for me coz they're too weary of internet shopping. They believe its all fraud and all..I dont blame them since there *are* cos that cheat ya..but again, its impossible to convince them that there are some really good cos too.

Mina said...

OMG they are both so gorgoues I cant choose:( You know sometimes you have to treat yourself and do it, I know I sure do...maybe a lil too much sometimes:P

hijabee said...

Got ya, but hey you cant have everything, can you? :) you live in the best place of the world!!! you can just go down the street and shop till you drop... I'd trade places with you any day :)

You're so right!!! Sometimes, you gotta treat yourself. And YES I love them both and don't know which one to get grrrrrrrrrrr

Mina said...

I juz rememberd you could get it tailor made, then again maybe it would cost you...thats what I see most sisters doing.

Well I say you could pick the one that would suit your skin tone and shape better:)Just a thought!

hijabee said...

Yes I could get it tailor made but then I'd have to find the right material and a good tailor... As for the one that would suit me best, I think the brown&blue will go better with my skin tone. Thanks for the advice!

muslimahh said...

I LOVE the second one! The first one is super cute too though. I've had my eye on it for awhile but I don't normally do brown. I'm a major shopaholic so I would probably buy both!! LOL!! No not really...okay..maybe... :)

hijabee said...

I so love brownnnnnnnnnnn! Welcome to the shopaholics club!!!!I'm an addict....I need to be cured

Amina said...

did you make up your mind? which one are you getting or is in your wishlist? :)
again, if i visit you, make sure you hide