Yellow Shoes anyone?

For some reason, there are certain colors that I don't do with shoes. I don't remember ever having yellow shoes...... I wonder why? What color of shoes would you never wear? Do you consider certain colors to be a fashion don't?

Yellow shoes anyone by hijabee


Amina said...

I used to be so shy and just stick to blacks and browns for shoes..
then I subscribed to Lucky Magazine for inspiration and looved how neutral you can look and a pop of color changes everything!!

now i loove colorful scarves as well as shoes. Yellow shoes...hmm...might look great with jeans, brown pants, white pants...yellow shoes say hello world, i am happy

Mona said...

Im one of those safe black or brown wearing people. I want to wear red shoes!

Habayeb said...

I too, would just stick to browns and blacks for some reason....and yeah, i dont remember buying yellow and red shoes except when i was a tiny kid lol....but im definitely in love with colors now, yeah even hijabs.. i do need lots of colors in my wardrobe and good u reminded me, im so gonna buy yellow (the one in ur set is soo hot) and red shoes.

hijabee said...

Most of my shoes are black and brown as well. I do have a few other colors but nothing close to yellow, maybe I should give it a try for Halloween lol.

Go for red. I think red is a good color for shoes, sometimes I wear a red top, black pants & black shoes but red shoes would look much metter with a red top!!!

Aren't kids lucky? They can wear purple, yellow,green shoes, and everyone will think they're cute lol. I love color as well, especially in my wardrobe. I used to get all my clothes in black, brown or blue, so boring! Now, i find myself trying purple, pink, and why not yellow? lol

muslimahh said...

I'm so boring when it comes to shoes. The only colorful ones I have are flip flops. But I pretty much always wear my black ones! I guess that's the one plus of living in the south - flip flops all year round!

hijabee said...


You have a big plus there, I can't even wear flip flops around the house anymore coz its freezingggg. I have to wear socks all the time :)

Yasmin said...

Im the same, I haven't been able to break away from black shoes for nothing and also red. I absolutely love red shoes, they make me happy. I dont own a pair of brown shoes cuz I never wear brown. I think its a funny color on me, but I saw a pair of cute brown shoes yesterday that Im thinking of getting when I go shoe shopping tomorrow. We'll see what happens if I could break outta that cycle.