This made me cry!

After the danish cartoons incident last year, a woman wanted to do something to show to the world the character of our Beloved Prophet. She emptied her bank account of $150,000, called some people in Dubai and told them she wanted to do the Festivals of Love to showcase the prophet Muhammad s.a.w good character. People told her they did not have enough time,or money or this or that.... She said: well, this is the money I have, I have done my part so on the day where I meet Rassululah on the pond, I will tell him I did my part, I did what I could do Ya Rassululah..... Subhanallah, the Festivals of Love was born. May Allah reward that woman for standing up for our Nabi! This video shows a little girl from Turkey at the Festivals of Love of this year, talking about Rassululah.... It is very emotional!


muslimahh said...

Wow, wow, wow. This was amazing mashallah.

Habayeb said...

Subha'nallah! i cudnt stop my tears! May Allah bless Sahar tremendously and make her follow the footsteps of the ummahatul mu'mineen. Ameen.
And may Allah also bless that woman, what a loss for those ppl who gave excuses. I wish i'd been one of those persons she called. Does this happen every year in Abu Dhabi? I didnt hear about this b4 jazakallah so much.

Yasmin said...

Masha'Allah, Im crying while typing this. Words cant describe it, May Allah SWT bless her.

hijabee said...

Indeed it is

Ameen. Yes it happens in Dubai every year. This is the 2nd year they're doing it. Im sure you can find some information about it if you check

I know its very emotional :(

sa said...

I didn't cry for centuries. I even "gave up" on Iman only to surrender this time aroud and cry for the whole 10 minutes. Ya Rab! Forgive me and make me a better person. I understand little Turkish which helped though I could get the Eng. subtitles. Thanks a lot.

hijabee said...

You're welcome. May Allah guide us all inshallah