Weekend Sumary

[Picture was here, you missed it :)]
This was me on Friday on our way to the movies.We saw Changelling, the new movie starring Angelina Jolie.The story is about a woman who returns home one day to find her son missing. She informed the police and a few months later the police return a child to her. The woman keeps on telling everyone that this child isn't her son, but the police keeps on claiming that it is her son and is calling the woman crazy. The worst about all this, is that the movie is inspired from a true story! Once can only imagine what that mother had to go through. Just imagine all the emotional rollercoaster from your son disappearing, the police trying to persuade you that a random boy is indeed your son, then you're transferred in a mental facility because the cops beleive that you're crazy and delusional for not wanting that little boy in your house.The film is emotionally gripping, and at times very disturbing.

On Saturday, we went to see Saw V. I don't like horror movies at all but I've always been amazed by the charachter of the Jigsaw Killer in the SAW series. Jigsaw is a mysterious person who kidnaps people he sees as wasting their lives and attempts to "save" them by administering various inhumane tests. As opposed to other killers, Jigsaw does not actually intend to kill his subjects. The purpose of his traps is to see if the subject has the will to survive, and thus inflict enough psychological trauma for the subject to appreciate their life and save themselves from their own demons. Unfortunately, the tests are so severe that hardly does any of his victims survive. The movie begs the question of how much pain we would be willing to take in order to survive! I pictured myself being one of the victims of jigsaw and wondered if I'd have enough strenght to pass the test or if I would just give up and die right there and then. What would you do if you were kidnapped by a serial killer? Would you just recite your suras and wait for death? or would you fight for your life?


Amina said...

First of all, I looove the new design!! I think it fits perfectly hijabee in DC!!! I looooove the picture. That hijab is fierce and you look gorgeous!

love the avatar too :)

Amina said...

i forgot to comment on the movies: Challenging sounds great but i can't watch it...i don't pay $$ to get depressed!
as for Saw V, I NEVER watch horror
they really scare me!!

I can't imagine how difficult and how it required a great performance for Angelina Jolie to pull it off...
As a mother, I can't imagine how TRAUMATIZING this experience is...

how did the movie end?

Anonymous said...

wow, you're so pretty!!! i saw saw five yesterday, it was good. i haaate most horror movies so for the first twenty mins I was regretting being there, lol. i loved the movie though. i kept thinking that jigsaw is playing god in some way... of course by determining another's fate in some way but more so bc he gives them CHOICE like that. idk how to describe what i mean. great movie though!

Amina said...

sorry to monopolize the space today.
I am looving the make up too..very soft, subtle yet pretty..would you mind telling me what you used? Especially the lip color

hijabee said...

Thanks! As far as the movies, Changeling did not really end well coz the mother is never reunited with her son and in real life, she spent her whole life looking for him :( For the make up, I used MAC, and for the lipstick, I used the sand color.

A muslim wife,
Thanks for stopping by! I had to close my eyes on a few scenes in SAW 5, I don't like seeing blood or people being decapitated lol. SAW is the only horror movie that I like and I've watched all SAWs and I've been hooked since the first one. I like the psychology behind Jingsaw's actions lol...

Yasmin said...

Love the pic, you're gorgeous masha'Allah.

I saw Saw V when it first came out, at midnight mind you, my husband and I are night owls and it was surprising that a lot of other people were there too. I guess there's nothing better to do in this town :). I dont like horror movies but since Ive seen the whole series might as well see this one. I think I had my eyes close during most of the movie, but it did tie up a lot of the loose ends from the last one. But how long is this series gonna go for? I already know they are coming out with a sixth one. After that they need to be done.

hijabee said...

thanks :) I had my eyes close too, especially the last challenge where they had to drain their blood out, all I did was listen to the blades, I couldn't take it. I don't know how long it's gonna go for, maybe they will stop after the 6th one before they go overboard.

Mona said...

You're adorable, mashaAllah. That movie sounds good. As much as I'd like to hate Angelina, she seems cool. I'm such a chicken when it comes to horror movies. You're question is, while morbid, a good one. I 'd like to think I'd fight for my life.

*~Ange~* said...

wow you look gorgeous in your pic~

i wanna see changling.. is it any good?

Mina said...

Mashallah, look at youuuuuuuu hehe!!! You look ab fab.

Love the jacket and hijab, i like the simplicity of it and how you put the colours together:) and the makeup is very fitting of your outfit you look very beautiful like your glowing.

Now about the films Im an emotional jaggernaut so ama go see that when it comes out here hehe:)I know im a softie, about the saw movies never saw any of them, was to scared, even though i like soft horror movies I dont think i want to be traumatized all night with nightmares --- waking up screaming and sweating ewwww lol:P
So maybe I'll save that film for another day.

Cecilia said...


hijabee said...

Thanks sweetie!I'm a chicken when it comes to horror movies too, all I do is close my eyes lol! I'd like to think I would fight for my life but after seeing those horrifying scenes with people having to drain their blood out, I don't know how good I'd be lol.

Yeh I think you should go see Changeling, you will enjoy it!I think what really got to me was just trying to imagine that this was indeed a true story!

Thank u sister but you look more gorgeous :) As for the movies, I don't like horror movies either but SAW is kinda different , its more about playing with your mind than horror and after watching the first one I got hooked even though I closed my eyes on a lot of scenes lol.

Thanks :)

muslimahh said...

You look so beautiful mashallah!!! I want the see the Changeling too!! We were going to go last Friday but my husband couldn't get off work in time. :(

muslimahh said...

I love your purse!! Is it Guess?!?!

hijabee said...

Yeh you should go see it :) The purse is Guess, how did you guess? lol

gazelledusahara said...

mashallah you are beautiful!

oh, its been sooo long since I've seen a movie, the election coverage has mainly been my form of entertainment... ;)