Get Out the Vote

13:11 …. Verily, God does not change men's condition unless they change their inner selves
'Insha'Allah, we can change the way taxes are unfairly imposed amongst American citizens, causing great grief and a heavy burden on those that don't have yet are ineligible to use the loop holes that the rich use to escape heavy taxes.'

'Insha'Allah, we can impact the unfair justice system, which among other injustices, is attempting to legalize the wrongful imprisonment of American citizens, primarily Muslims and Arabs, based on "Secret evidence," and to conduct unfair searches in public places, violating citizens' rights to privacy. We can reduce the incidence of convicted criminals being set free, to further menace our society, because of technicalities or other loopholes in the justice system that lawyers, motivated only by the opportunity to increase their track records for winning cases, use to get them off.'

'Insha'Allah, we can impact discrimination, and the lack of accommodation for religious attire and practices, in the work place that pose great concerns for Muslims and hinder our ability to practice Islam.'

'As involved Muslims, Insha'Allah, we can have a major impact on this country's views regarding education, healthcare, humanitarianism and equal opportunity, abortion, gun control, environmental issues, commerce and trade, and banking and finance practices. We can strive to ensure the enactment of fair and just laws.'


muslimahh said...

I'm about to head out to vote in a half hour inshallah!! And of course Obama is the man!!!

hijabee said...

Good luck with the long lines :) I'm gonna be staying up all night waiting for the results lol

Mina said...

Fingers crossed he wins it, and hey if he doesnt life goes on:)

Anyways lets juz hope he keeps the promises he's made...the whole world is watching, omg Ive never seen anything like it, but I must say who your new president is affects the whole world:P not juz America.

hijabee said...

You're right! That reminds me of the sheikh at our mosque when he said: so who's gonna elect the new president? you think you will, well guess what, you wont, Allah will! He will put there whomsoever He wants to put there regardless of what you want, who you vote for or who you feel is right for the job! And that every nation has the ruler they deserve! I would like to hope for once that we deserve Obama, but let's wait & see. Allah has already planned and He is the best of planners! :)

Amina said...

qui vivra verra...
i hope everything works out for the best..
by the way what happened to your other blog? no more a girl not yet a woman...and just out of curiosity, when do you become a woman..or what makes you become a woman? lol...question philosophique

muslimahh said...

Done! I only had to wait 15 minutes. I think my plan to go mid-day worked!

Habayeb said...

Its so right ya know, the choice of president not only affects America , it affects the whole world too! (best eg Bush!) Hey, when will the results come out? im nervously anticipating it!

PS- i read over in some of the muslim sis's blogs thats its not allowed for muslims to vote? i mean any evidence? why not? dont we have a right to choose our ruler? have u heard of such a claim?

hijabee said...

I closed the other blog coz I had some pre-hijabi pictures in there....As for when do you become a woman, lol I wish I knew maybe I will blog about it one day lol

Lucky you!! Cant wait to see the results tonight inshallah

hijabee said...

We will start getting results tonight, the last poll closes at 1:00am, so I guess we will start knowing in the wee hours of the morning. As far as being muslims and voting, I also heard some people saying that and we actually discussed it in one of my islamic studies classes and the sheikh said that that was unfounded. That as Muslims, we are even mandated to vote, because the Muslims wherever they are should strive for what's good and also have a voice! If muslims are not allowed to vote then their voices can't be heard, hence they will never be able to improve their condition.

His Sweetheart said...

Though I am not into politics and elections but I do wish he wins because I have heard he has some muslim origins!!

Cecilia said...

I love that first picture! with the woman and the baby!!

The antidote said...

hey asalaamu alaikum hijabee in DC, jus so you know


Amina said...

Hello again,
I understand :)
I am looking forward to that discussion..i hope it is not when one has children because what if we don't have
i loove this quote from Simone de Beauvoir on ne nait pas femme, on le devient..
it has summarized a bit my journey. I used to such a tomboy..i am stil a little bit...:)

Salman said...

Obama is pro-abortion.
This is totally anti-Islamic. How did you folks vote for Obama?