Praying at work

I did not use to pray while at work. I would wait till I get home and make up all the prayers that I missed during the day! It was becoming too much of a hassle because I would end up not concentrating enough to make my prayers, it was more like a marathon trying to rush from one to the other. So I brought my prayer rug and now I lock my office when it's prayer time and do my salah. The thing is,I'm always thinking that someone is going to knock at my door right when Im praying or that I will forget to lock it and someone will open the door right when I'm doing my sujud! Oh and did I mention the ordeal of making wudu at work? I'm always thinking that someone will walk in right when I have my feet in the sink so needless to say I'm always looking out for the slightest noise and watching right and left to see if anyone is coming in. I also try to go in the restrooms during low traffic hours, go figure if there is such a thing as low traffic hour in a restroom .I even make duah before getting in the restroom that noone will walk in while I'm there lol. Why am I so scared that someone will walk in while I'm making wudu? Does this happen to anybody? So I came accross this answer of Dr Siddiqui to someone who complained about wudu in the workplace and here is what he said:
A Muslim should not be ashamed of washing his face in the office bathroom. People stand up and urinate in the office bathroom talking to each other; if they are not ashamed of that, why should a Muslim be ashamed of washing his face? There is nothing un-civilized about washing ones face. Muslims should be bold and proud of their values and principles. Those who feel ashamed of making Wudu in front of others will feel more ashamed of offering prayers also. Feel happy that you belong to the Ummah of Purity and cleanliness. May Allah help us to spread cleanliness to our surroundings as well.

Subhanallah, I wish I had his confidence! It's not that Im ashamed of making wudu in public, its just that I wouldn't know what to say if my boss walked in while I have my right foot in the sink! I'd just be lost for words lol. It would obviously be a good opportunity for dawah but in a very akward kinda way.So, for me the tip for making wudu easier at work is to make wudu before you live your house and wear socks, that way if you break your wudu , you don't have to take your hijab off or wash your feet! You can just wipe over your feet and head.
As for the feet,
The way in which one wipes over them is to put one’s wet fingers on the toes then pass them over the feet to the shin; the right foot should be wiped with the right hand and the left foot with the left hand. The fingers should be spread when wiping and it should not be repeated.

Do you have any other tips or stories of praying at work to share?


Umm Travis said...

Assalamu alaykum sis :) What a pretty blog ma shaa Allah!

I think you know all the answers there :) I was going to mention wearing socks, but you said that! Otherwise, there is nothing all that embarassing, but I agree with the foot in the sink part. When I first converted to islam, I was shy of making wudu in the public washrooms. But, my friend always told me I have nothing to fear but Allah, and nothing happens but by His will so trust in Him. Whenever you feel fear, tell it to Allah in your heart, and make your niyyah for HIm, and in shaa Allah He will give you the confidence. In time, in shaa Allah you will be doing it all with ease and others will be asking about you, and you will be able to burst with pride of your Islam and through that, in shaa Allah they will want to learn more. Allahu alim. :)

Dont worry, it gets easy, if you keep facing your fear ;)

hijabee said...

Umm Travis,
Waleikum salam sister. I also love your blog mashallah and can't wait to read more about your adventures in Egypt. Thank you for the support and you are right,Allah is the only one to be feared and as long as we understand that, it makes everything else easier inshallah. I will try to conquer my fears :)

Yasmin said...

I had this problem as well when I used to work. It wasn't really the problem of doing wudu but finding a place to pray. One place I worked at was easy. They had a back room that was supposed to be an office, so I used to pray there. At my last job it was such a problem because I had no place to pray. We had an employee lunchroom, but it was dirty and there wasn't enough room. So I was in a huge dilemma and ended doing what you did, making up all my prayers when I got home, which was a bit difficult.
I used to fear people watching me pray and all, until my ex-husband reminded me that we should fear no one but Allah. My ex-husband never worried about where he prayed, he would pray in the middle of sidewalk for all he cared. May Allah give us all that confidence.

*~Ange~* said...

im lucky that i work in an islamic school so everyone here prayers and of course there are no weird looks.

redanna said...

hi sis,
dont worry, keep on asking HIS guidance and courage. insya Allah, u would overcome your fear and be proud of making wudu' and solat.

hijabee said...

I wish I had your ex-husband's confidence

Lucky you! Im jaleous

Thanks for the support

Anonymous said...

salaam alaykum. my advice my seem silly: i make wudu in the morning and scarcely drink furing the day so I don't have to use the bathroom and renew my wudu [my body has become used to it]. I don't have my own office, we have open speace desks but i go to the board room, remove my shoes and pray. I know i'm always weary of someone coming in, and it has happened [with me playing it cool] but it's our duty. may Allah give us the strength, confidence and may He guide us. Just lock your door and don't mind anyone. If someone locks, when you're done just ask around who was knocking.

hijabee said...

Waleikum Salam anonymous,
I do that sometimes too. I try not to break my wudu but sometimes I just can't keep it for the whole day :)

Ayanna said...

At my last job I would use the single bathroom for wudu and I had an office without a door which was kind of hidden so I had no problem with prayer. At my current job we have single bathrooms there, but there is almost no where for me to go and pray, space is very limited there. Before I leave work I have to change the backup tapes for the servers in the server room and pray there. For the other prayer(s)I make sure I park my car in the correct position and pray in my car, it's way more quiet in there.

hijabee said...


It's funny that you said this :"Before I leave work I have to change the backup tapes for the servers in the server room and pray there" Because my husband does the same thing too :)

Inshallah Allah will reward those who struggle in His Path

His Sweetheart said...

Is it all descrimination issue at your area or that your religion is not revealed!!

That's a lot to be handled!! It makes you feel like you're stealing by looking right and left when you're simply following God's directions!!

hijabee said...

They do know I'm muslim so I don't think its a matter of them knowing. Its just that they don't know what being muslim really entitles! Andd you're right it makes u feel like u're stealing or doing something bad while you just want to worship your lord.

Teacup said...

Hello there.
about praying at work,for me here its been OK so far but in my past jobs some people who aren't muslims make noise about it saying its not fair I'm taking time off work and praying even though it takes a few minutes. And because of this I got so stressed up that I kinda became mentally ill. And becos of this illness it takes me longer time to pray. But alhamdulillah I've become better and hope this illness will come to a closure.

Well I am thankful that during this illness Allah gave me strength and kept my faith strong in him that things will get better.

I am also thankful that now I am getting a job where ppl don't mind me doing my prayers so I don't need to rush when I pray and about the wudu' thingy, ppl came in when I had my foot in the sink I just ignore their weird stares and to think that I used to work in a mall. So just ignore them ok?

His Sweetheart said...

You're in my prayers sweetie!!

Salman said...


Remember, work is worship.

What i see here in this blog is simply a show of self-ego and pride, which in turn leads to more self-ego and pride. The cycle continues leading to destruction.

To find god, look within yourselves, not elsewhere.