Fatiha ( Part3)

When she woke up, she had the lower part of her body bind and couldn’t feel anything. Her eyes were dull and she was tired after a long battle between life and death. Fatiha's mother had circumcised her daughter as she was herself circumcised and as her own mother was. Nobody could blame her since she just followed traditions which were all she knew. She believed that circumcision was the best thing that could happen to her daughter and that without it her daughter would never fully be a woman. At an early age, she had learned to follow tradition and culture, to be submissive and suffer in silence so that she would be happy in this life and the next. She was feeling her daughter's pain but she thought it was a necessary pain and a step that she had to take towards her life as a future woman.

After that episode, Fatiha never blew kisses to the wind for Munir. She matured and grew up from night to day. She entered in the mutilator’s hut as a young innocent child and she exited as a woman. She was a child, with the body of a child and the eyes of a woman. From that day on, Fatiha never smiled. Some people say that when she grew old she would take long walks alone and look at the stars mumbling sentences that only she understood. She would repeat the word 'Munir' with tears in her eyes. Those who knew her, say that she knew well the art of life and was an artist of nature. Fatiha never fought her destiny, she accepted it as women before her did. She died a lonely devout God-fearing woman.

God is without any doubt, the artist par excellence, the only black dot in his master-work was to create men who had the choice between being humans and being subhumans.

The End

Female Genital Mutilation is the term used for removal of all or just part of the external parts of the female genitalia.

An estimated 85 million to 110 million women and girls alive today have undergone Female Genital Mutilation.


Mona said...

MashaAllah, good story and message. You are a really talented writer.

Ms.Unique said...

Woa that gave me a blow ...... Masha Allah nice way of writing it ....

hijabee said...

Thanks ladies :) I'm glad you liked it.

Amina said...

aaaw...such a sad ending...i will email you a link about submitting short stories online..
I have a hard time writing in English, my creative juices come to me in

Empress Anisa said...

MashaAllah... I love your style of writing- it reminds me of my days of old! How do you find the time?
Keep those beautiful stories coming... someone should look for a publisher(!)

hijabee said...

Yea it's sad, I don't know why but I only write sad stories lol. ( no Im not depressed). You should try in English, Im sure you'd be great at it.

Empress Anisa,
Thanks hun, I don't even know how I find the time, I just write whenever I'm bored on anything I can get, paper, napkins, you name it lol. And no, I'm not good enough to look for a publisher. Maybe one day if I get better insh'Allah and more training. Glad that you liked it though :)

Diali said...

Wow, that was so sad.
Very well written, machallah

Jamaican Hijabi said...

MashaAllah, very very good writing. Its sad that this practice still occurs in some places in the name of Islam, when it was a barbaric Pharoanic tradition.

hijabee said...

Thanks hun :)

Jamaican Hijabi,
I know, it is very sad,unfortunately!

Banafshe said...

It was painful . A kind of many many real stories in our world that we do not know them but these happen .sometimes I think about these strange evens and really made me sad why somebody do not think about choice and right and freedom in their life.why why ???
As I said you 've got talent in this way and creative .May God helps you in this great activity .good lock

muslimahh said...

Its so sad this is going on...I hadn't heard of it until I read about it in Ayan Hirsi Ali's book. I can't even imagine...

jama said...

nooooooooooooooooo that's so sad why why
I came across this story coz my sister was reading it...

Mashallah your a very talented writer:)


hijabee said...

Thanks for your input :)

Yeh it does exist in some parts of the world. Heartbreaking

Sweetie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I suppose you are beautiful Mina's sister :) Thanks for your ocmment!