Five Things

I have been tagged by my lovely sisters Mona and Empress Anisa
5 Things I was doing 10 years ago

I was still in highschool
Still living at home
I was single
I was reading one book a day ( no kidding)
I had 2 penpals who lived in Turkey and Italy and we used to exchange letters( yea that was before the age of emails and chatrooms lol).
Do such things still exist?

5 Things On My To-Do List

Organize my closet
Make Hajj
Learn more Quran
Be a mother

5 Snacks I Like

Fruit&Nut Chewy Trail Mix

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
Buy a big house in a sunny place with a big garden
Buy a boat
Travel a lot
Charity work especially towards orphans and children in general

5 places I have lived ( for various lengths of times)

Boston, MA

Washington, DC

Dakar, Senegal

Paris, France

Bethesda, MD

5 Jobs I have had

Business Office Assistant

Jr. Financial Analyst

Development Associate


Financial Analyst(current)

5 people I Tag
Jamaican Hijabi


Amina said...

aaw..thank you for tagging me. I enjoyed reading your post. I actually did this tag a while ago, here's the link :

the only thing that changed: 5 things in my to do list
- finish writing the 20 p. paper due tomorrow ( i am on p. 3)
- grade 44 exams due tomorrow too (haven't started)
-repeat 1
-repeat 2
- pick up my sister who came to visit
extra: collapse after finals exam week and do a sleeping marathon

hijabee said...

I just read what you wrote and couldn't help but smile after reading:" Attend my Money and Capital Markets Finance course" on your to do list. I remember those days, and I also remember that Economic class we took together with Mrs.Chisolhm , I think that was her name lol, I changed my major right after that. Good luck on your paper, you should take a break from blogging.

Aalya said...

Great list :)
I tagged you too but I haven`t posted mine as of yet (blush)

hijabee said...

Unfortunately I can't access your profile by clicking on your name, don't know why?....

Habayeb said...

i sometimes see extra ..i read "i had two pencils, one in turkey and Italy :| LOL silly moi! oh but really thats so cool! well u cud still write letters...but thats so time consuming now lol...but i know how much fun it would have been..i used to long for a penpal ahhh those days of fun and innocence...

hijabee said...

LOOOOOOOL, You're tooo muchhhhhh. I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of having 2 pencils in Italy and Turkey looool. Yes technically you can still write letters now but noone does, it takes so much time lol. It's just easier to email the person. I remember how I used to check the mail waiting for my penpals to write back and how happy I was when they did lol.

Mona said...

Lol at pencils...Wow France? mashaAllah. It's kinda like we're cyber penpals though huh?

Ms.Unique said...

It's sooooooo nice to know more about ppl .... I luv this tagging thing ..... ur answers are nice ..... and yes Mona's right we're kinda cyber not pen but blogpals .....haha .... ;)

hijabee said...

Yes Cyper penpals lol, but the letters were so much more personal with the foreign stamps, enveloppe, and the person's handwriting or postcard! I haven't received a postcard in years, I only get e-cards :)

I know, I like it too :) yes we are blogpals. Isn't it crazy? we only know each other through our blogs but we're still part of each other's daily routines :)

Aalya said...

Profile works now..don`t know why it didnt show up

Elom said...

Tag! I am it! I'll get to it!
Good to see you back in the blogosphere!

Hajar said...

Skimmed through and the first thing that caught my attention was 'Turkey'. Silly me, I thought it was the bird. Haha~ Btw, I have a couple of kitkats in my office drawer right now. :)

PS: Tagged you for "Subsequent tag". ^^

Anonymous said...

Nice get to know you =) I used to want a pen pal back when i was in High School, lol =D

Mina said...

Tag your it...

Amina said...

i used to have penpals too and kept all their letters. We also used to send clips of newspapers, bus receipts, etc..
My first penpal i was 9 and she was german...
i will never forget the joy when i got her letter!!
anyways...back to typing...
blogging helps me to

Amina said...

i forgot to add, i loove Mrs Chisholm!! she encouraged me to do a phd in Econ..I took her phd micro class I, looved it!!
then when i took Econometrics at the phd level, i was like hell naaw...this is not for

Mohtadi is still one of my favorite professors as well as Haughton!!

hijabee said...

Yeh I can see that, thanks:)

Thanks, can't wait to read your answers :)

Yeh my penpal was a bird lol , you're too funny :)

Thanks for stopping by, your blog is cool :)

Thanks for tagging me sweetie, just got to it :)

I know, I was really excited when I got letters from my penpals too lol. And Chisholm was really good but her exams were too hard for me reason why I dropped Economics and Mohtadi was great lol, one of the funniest professors @ S.U and his exams were fair :)