10 Random Things about Me

I've been tagged by Mina to write about ten most honest things about me and then tag seven fellow bloggers, looks harder than it is --- but here goes!!!

1- I am a Muslim, and hence my Love for ALLAH and his Messenger supercede everything in my life! I strive to understand Islam as the prophet saw taught it but I'm still very weak on a lot of points. I'm not where I want to be in my deen as of yet even though my mum thinks I'm an extremist :)

2-I'm not the "stereotypical good wife", I wasn't trained to be one, never thought about it! My career was what I was interested in! I did not take any marriage lessons or lectures, hence it is hard for me to reconcile both and build an Islamic home, but I'm trying inshAllah.

3- I smile and laugh at everything! I'm a very silly person in real life.All my friends think I'm crazy . I will make fun of you before you open your mouth, I laugh at myself all the time coz stupid things seem to happen to me on a daily basis.

4- I'm afraid of animals, all species: insects, carnivores, herbivores, ants,monkeys, omnivores,.... you name it! I had 4 parakeets for a year and I was scared of them. I would run and hide in my closet after opening their cages to feed them.

5- I don't have good closet management skills, It's hard for me to keep my clothes in order. I've always been jaleous of people who have a neat closet, color coded, everything piled up properly! yuck I hate you!

6-What you see is what you get. Nothing is hidden. I'm not really understood a lot of times. People either really love me, or don't like me at all... there is no middle way.

7- I don't have a good sense of orientation. You can give me directions to your place while I'm driving and I'd still get lost.... I can go somewhere 10 times but I can never remember how to get there which annoys my husband lol.

8- I'm very emotional, though I don't show it, things get to me easily. People think I'm heartless and never cry, but it's not true, I cry a lot, I just don't show my terars... Only people who know me well can see that side.

9-I can't roller skate or roller blade, I am too uncoordinated for that. Walking is hard enough lol

10- I always thought I'd grow up to live in a mansion like the Vanderbilt mansion, I'm still waiting......

I tag
Ms. Unique
Empress Anisa


Ms.Unique said...

Nice to be frank ..... But I'll do it on my private blog and it'll take sometime to write about myself .... Thnxs for the tagg ....

hijabee said...

I can't wait to read your answer :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hijabee :),

you know it's funny how we get to know eachother through blogging.Not many things that you wrote really surprised me...I think I knew them already before :)!However,I think you shouldn't say that you aren't a good wife...trying to be one,makes you a good wife :)!And yes...I felt right away that your a very believing Muslimah,thus I added you to my BLOG list :)!

Amina said...

yay another tag game!!!
I will post mine later..
I really enjoy reading yours :)
you're an amazing person!!

I am the same with orientation. Girl that's why i invested in a gps!!! I get lost all the time!!
i need to go somewhere 10 times before i recognize!!!

it took me a year to know how to get to the indianapolis airport and now that i can without a gps, they changed the location!!!!!

hijabee said...

I changed it to "stereotypical good wife" lol. But it's true that we can learn a lot about a person just by reading their blog! I saw that Mina tagged you so I can't wait to read your answers :)

Lol, just your luck with the airport! you will get lost again. I can't wait to read yours.

Anonymous said...

Ohh I like you list sis. Its so nice to know about you. #9 is so me, i always trip over with no reason and i always get bruises on my legs or hands and I have no idea where its from.

Mina said...

Lol you was scared of your own pet...hehe!!!
oh and you trip easily so like my sister Wafaa haha!!!

Hajar said...

Always lovely to know more about someone. :) Though I wonder why you had the parakeets to begin with if you're so petrified of them...

NiDa said...

lol sis I am sooo not oriented either - that's why my father never lets me loose on the highway - I wouldn't be able to find my way back lol.

I did mine you are welcome to read :)!

hijabee said...

I always trip over things as well lool. Good to know I'm not the only one :)

Yeh, scared of my own pet, that's me lol!

I thouht the parakeets were cute lol, but once they start flying they'd scare the hell out of me.

I always get lost. I will go and read urs. :)

Aalia said...

"I had 4 parakeets for a year and I was scared of them. I would run and hide in my closet after opening their cages to feed them."

*ROFL* omg that's the cutest thing i heard all day!!! :-D

hijabee said...

lol, the funny thing is sometimes I do miss them :) U'd be scared too if you had parakeets flapping their wings over your head :)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

haha aww i am scared of animals too
strange because i loved them when i was little until i stole a cats babies and the cat bit me nw i hate cats dogs and anything thats alive and not human :(
haha no one tagged me so i cnt do 10 things bt its nice 2 read everyone elses
salaam sis
luvly blog
naz :)

hijabee said...

Hijabis on Ranting Tour,
Im tagging you now, so you can do it :)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lol sweety ok
ill do it right now :)