Hijabi Couture made My Weekend

About 2 weeks ago, I ordered 3 tunics from Najea over at Hijabi Couture . I received my order on Satuday and was thrilled. I love the tunics. The fabric is great, the cut and style are so unique and the design is absolutely beautiful. Najea was quick to respond to my emails while I was ordering and even gave me some advice on what sizes to order. She's such a lovely sister and I would recommend her site to anyone looking for trendy hijab-friendly clothes! You need to take a look at her site, I'm sure you will be satisfied once you place your order!

I'm wearing the lilac tunic right now and got a lot of compliments on it. I love the color and the material is so soft!

I love the combination of cinammon&brown and again the material is great! Can't wait to wear this one!

This one is so classy and can be worn with almost anything. I love the design and it's about to be one of my favorites!

So, a big Thank you to Najea for designing beautiful Hijab-friendly clothes!


Cecilia said...

I love tunics too! I have like four of them that I bought in syria 2 years ago! :)

hijabee said...

I love them 2 :)They're easy to wear and trendy!

Empress Anisa said...

Oh... you beat me to the tunics! She JUST designed about 7 long tops for me that I found on another website... and they're all superb! Didn't I tell you she was fabulous?????????????????

Tunics are my next order, InshaAllah! Sisters, trust me, you won't be disappointed- I've had MANY custom ordered clothes before but I can truly say, the first order and second order were both on point. You know how you may some issue with something about the clothing- not hers. Everything, MashaAllah, is perfect.

Hijabi Couture foreva!!!!! :)

hijabee said...

Yeyy :-p You were right! She's fabulous and I'm really happy with my order! 7 long tunicssssss, you go girl! There were no issues whatsoever about the clothes. The design and fabric are right on point! MashaAllah!

Habayeb said...

i want themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! but i cant get themmmmmmmmmmmmm ~cries bitterly~

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I have the first 2 tunics you posted!!! I love them dearly! They are really nice on! They can be dressed up or down!

muslimahh said...

I sooooo need some light weight tunics for the summer. I'm definitely going to contact her!

hijabee said...

Good for you heheheh :-p 2 badddddddddddddddddddddddddd! I will think about you when I wear them :)

Hijabi Aprrentice,
Oh really? I didn't know, how cool! Aren't they just lovely?

You should, she has nice stuff :)

Mona said...

These are so pretty. I love the black one. Love your new layout!

Solace In Islam said...

Those outfits are lovely! Who said modest clothing must be borring!

Lisa said...


These are going to be really cute on you! The purple one is to die for. I think you'll really look nice at the office and show people that Islam is beautiful this way. Hope all is well sweet friend.

Lisa said...

Did I mention I love your personalized comments to everyone responding to you. I too am a big believer in it! Not saying you have to do it everytime but it is so sweet of you Hijabee.

Habayeb said...

yeah she learned that sweetness from ME :P

Amina said...

these are sooo gorgeous!!!
Great for the summer though or early days of Fall.
The problem i have with tunics is the band that comes right before it flows....
ma poitrine refuse :(
et quand je porte du L je reste a un sac de pommes de i really need to try them.

Diali said...

I'll have to get some.They look gorgeous.

Melda :o) said...

OMG...they're fantastic...they're sooo pretty, masha'allah!

Why can't I find tunics over least not tunics my size...big girls like tunics,too, you know? *sniffsniff*

Haniyya said...

mashallah those are some of her stuff on the blog. does she have an actual website where i can browse her collection?

The Gori Wife said...

So pretty!

KakChik said...

beautiful tunics. i used the black & white in one of my polyvore's creation. nice colors and designs.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hijabee :o),this tunics are simply beautiful!You really have a good taste and I'm sure you'll enjoy them very much.
I hope you're doing fine and I wish you a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...and I love your new layout,too :)!

hijabee said...

Thanks hun. The black one is gorgeous :)

Solace in Islam,
Yes they are! And you're right, Hijab doesn't equal Boring :)

I love the purple one myself, the color is just great :) As for commenting, I've noticed you do the same 2 and have personalized comments for everyone on your blog! I try my best to reply to all the comments coz I think if someone takes the time to comment, I can also take the time to reply to their comment!Sometimes I get lazy, but most times I try to reply when it's due!Thanks again for stopping by!

You wish, little punk :-p

Well Im sure if you give your exact measurements to sister Najea she can do something for you since these tunics are tailored :)

You should, they are nice :)

hijabee said...

Najea is located in Morocco but she ships everywhere. I live in the US and it took me about 2 weeks to get my order. I'm sure she can custumize them for you if you give her your size :)

She sells them off her blog. You can browse her blog and if you're interested in something buy it directly there or email her. If you find something online that you'd want for her to make, you can also send her a picture and she will tell you if it's doable and give you a price! Her email is

The Gori Wife,
Yes they are :)

They are pretty. The black&white is really nice!

Thanks sweetie! How have you been? Hope you're doing alright! Have a nice week 2. Thanks for stopping by!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

yup, just placed my order. Thanks for the post, I've been in search of an ISNA appropriate outfit. Hope the fabric is breathable enough for July.

Hijabee said...

Perpixing Texan,
It is breathable enough for JULY! You will love it :) Yeyyy

Yasmeen said...

I love such hijab-friendly wear,so hard to find here.I usually at least a dozen during my visit back home in India.I gotta check out the Hijabi couture too,those outfits are simply gorgeous:)

hijabee said...

You're so lucky you get to go to India and get clothes from there. I'm jaleous, I love indian outfits, they're so cute :)

hijabee said...

Oh Haniyya,
I can't access your blog through your profile, what's your blog's address again?

Haniyya said...

jazakallah khair hijabee !!! ooh you cant see my bloggy address? hmmm...wonder what i did now. lol anyway here they are :

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sisters,
Hijabee, I really appreciate your promoting my company as fabulously as you have. Barak Allah Uffeki! I am also raised up in spirits by doing work that you and other hijabis happy.
Please know that Hijabi Couture exists to serve and please you. I do have plus-sizes. I also make custom orders.
I took the website down recently and am working on it. So, meanwhile, please order through my blog and personal e-mail
Jazak Allah Khair,

Hajar said...

Tunics aren't really my kind' a thing but Masha'Allah, those are just the cutest! ^^ I'm sure you look fabulous in 'em!

hijabee said...

It's actually showing that your profile is private, so people can't access your blog by cliking on your name. I think you have to change it in your settings and make your profile public so people can access your blogs through your name.

No worries. You really handled well my order and I was satisfied :)

Yea these are cute, maybe you can try them sometimes, you might be surprised :)

Michelle said...

These are so much like the beautiful sets I got in Morocco! I love the colors and embroidery. Can't beat the price though, dh haggled them down to $5 a set...

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Sorry Michelle,
But, my fabric alone costs more than $5.00, before the embellishments and labor. The fabric is high quality. As Hijabee can tell you, my garments are also surged and as finely finished on the inside as they are on the outside. They will not fall apart. In Morocco, like everywhere, you get what you pay for.
Fi Iman Ilah,