Kill Word Verification

If you didn't know before, now you do : I HATE WORD VERIFICATION! Yes, I'm part of the retarded folks who can't figure out the letters and always have to try 5 times before being able to post a comment! My success rate is usually 1 in 4 attempts and there have been times when I just give up coz I can't take it anymore. First of all guyz I'm short-sighted, so I have issues even reading regular words, now the swirly words on Word Verification just make me feel dizzy and nauseous. I can't count the times when I had a headache after trying to figure out the verification thingy in someone else's blog.See the picture of the handicapped person? That's me. All challenged.

Plus, it makes me lazy to comment on someone's blog once I see that nasty
Type the characters you see in the picture above . I HAVE A JOB people LOL! I understand that some people have it to eliminate auto-commenters and spam, but be real, how many times do you get spam on your blog?

So bloggers, please help out an already disoriented, have no extra time nor extra brain to decipher hyeroglyphics hijabee in DC. The weather is already a challenge.

If you have it and want to get rid of it, then you should do the following steps:

Go to dashboard—->Click settings—->Click comments—–>Scroll down to Show word verification for comments?—–>Click No—->Click Save Settings and you are done!

Oh and if you're wondering what prompted this rant, I tried commenting on Hijabi Apprentice and Jamaican Hijabi 's blogs few minutes ago and they had the word verification thingy and I couldn't publish any of the comments once I was done typing because the word verification thing read "Loading" and never even gave me a word and the same thing happened after mutiple tries and I just gave up :(

So am I the only one out here that this is driving BONKERS?


His Sweetheart said...

I agree with you!!
It's a killer. I don't understand it being there for spams though!! Spams can enter the words and that's it!

I wish it was not slant at least!

Candice said...

The ones on the blogs here are not too bad, I find. I think I took word verification off my blog after I realized it was even there... But I have seen much worse... Where I couldn't see the letters right after 5 attempts nor could I hear them right on the handicapped one!

Habayeb said...

LOL i agree with u! I was tryina comment on sum1's blog and the damn words were taking AGES to load! besides their just some letters thrown together not even real easy words. Its kinda helpful if people turn on comment moderation if they wanna get rid of spam and i glad i removed it long ago.

hijabee said...

His Sweetheart,
It is a killer and it annoys me sometimes. I thought I was the only one who couldn't figure the words out lol.

You're right, I've seen worse, sometimes I wonder how they expect us to make up the words, they're so swirly and pasted one on top of the other that it's hard to figure them out!

Yeh I think comment moderation is a better option lol. I tried commenting on different blogs today and the words never LOADED! LOL, I just had to erase my comments and move on :(

Diali said...


أم ترافيس said...

I can figure it out, but it still annoys me ;)

The Gori Wife said...

I know I hate it when you can't even figure out what the word is - sometimes it's so screwed up you really can't read it! I'll take your advice and take it down and see how much spam there is....

muslimahh said...

Hmmm...I'm not even sure if I have it on mine...but I guess I'll go check now!! lol!! :)

muslimahh said...

Uh..oh! I had it!! But its fixed now! Now you are free to comment away!!!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

LOL I feel the same way! It's so irritating! I should check if I have it it disabled on my pages.

Hijabee said...

What are you Loling @?

Umm Travis,
At least you can figure it out lol

The Gori Wife,
Yeh you should take it down, it can be hard to decipher!

Yeyy, thanks for taking it down loll! Now I can comment without feeling retarded! :)

Yes it is, please disable it if you have it on lol. It can be very annoying at times :)

Diali said...

I am loling at you going bonkers!!
Just for that I won't change it on my blog.

Umm Ismail said...

sis Even with Glasses on I have a hard time it is a darn shame.

Sonia said...

I'm so with you on this! I hate the word verifications so much! Some are so extremely italicized that you can't even read them, and the words are not even words but gibberish. I don't have a word verification on my blog, and thats the first thing I checked when I started my blog.

*~Ange~* said...

i HATE those things!!!!!11

Empress Anisa said...

lool.... yeah, it IS a pain in the neck! And how about when you press the darn button, it doesn't publish... push it again and then again only to have your comment in front you of 3 times!!!!

Mona said...

Thank you.
Yea I hate them too. Most people do NOT need it.

KakChik said...

After reading this, I quickly check my blog's setting and duff! Thanks for writing about it. I seldom check the setting and usually just use the default one and I too hate word verification.

Sorry, if you ever been to my blog and face some difficulties. I've disabled it.

Hajar said...

Yikes! Me settings have 'em on 'Yes'. I've disabled it. Do be obliged to spam me blog. ^^

Khadra said...

I hate word verification too!! And I can never get it right.

Amina said...

i removed the word verification...i didn't realize that it could be frustrating....

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Actually the worst part is when it tried loading and fails.

Then your effort, thoughts, and entire rant/productive comment is lost forever in cyber space.

GRRrr. Just another way I think the world is conspiring against me.

Anonymous said...

it is a totaly waste of time indeed and sometimes just thinking about the word verification i avoid to comment

o0UmmHasan0o said...

yeap like most of the sisters here, i totally agree it destroys the will to post lol...

okay aside from this topic a little... i have been following both of your blogs for some time, and i have to say that THAT I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH lol.. so didnt mean to shout.. just excited lol..


come and choose an award!

Ms.Unique said...

Loool .... Insha Allah I'll do it rite away .... ;)

Banafshe said...

you've been awarded:)

Cecilia said...

I agree, I don´t know if I have it, And I don´t know how to remove it if I do.

smiley333 said...

I totally agree- thanks for the info on how to get rid of it

hijabee said...

Lol, well I will stop going BONKERS then!

Umm Ismail,
Same here, you're not alone :)

I agree, most of the words don't make sense anyways

I feel ya!

Empress Anisa,
Yeh that happened to me before lol. Its very annoying!

I know, right? lol

hijabee said...

Thanks for disabling it :) Yeh some people don't know that they have it on :)

I will start spamming you lol

I know, I can never get it right the first time either

It's frustrating when you try 3 times and still can't get it right lol.

Perplxin Texan,
That's exactly what happened to me the other day. I wrote 2 beautiful long comments and the thing failed to load and I was just sitting there looking at the screen, so frustrating grrrrrr

hijabee said...

Lol, same here!

Umm Hassan,
You're too sweet. Thank you for the award :) I will come & check it out.

Not funny, loll.

I've explained how to remove it on the post.

You're welcome hun :)

hijabee said...

Thank you, I will come and check it out :)

yulia said...

Hi sis LOL ...I agree with you

Mina said...

I will try to kill mine...

Love ya

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about this!I just wanted to say hi.


Coffee Catholic said...

I'm dyslexic which makes word verifications even MORE fun then usual!!

Um Abbas said...

I wouldnt recommend it.
Word verification helps to prevent spam-bots to pick up your site and start spamming with either nonsenses or links to al kinds of unpleasant stuff.
I have no idea, if there's a possibility on, but you can also replace word verification with other kinds of captcha, like simple mathematics equations or so.
I have it from first hand - killing captcha kills safety of your comments!

My World said...

It really is annoying and dont think it really helps with!