I've missed you and Blog Awards

Hello everyone,
My blogging has been scarce these days due to a complete lack of motivation on my part to get off my lovely couch. Sleepiness, tiredness, laziness, you name it I've been suffering from all sort of inesses lately mostly associated with late pregnancy.

I was able to fast for about 2 weeks when my OB-GYn raised concerns about my condition. Instead of gaining the required 1 pound/week, I lost 6 pounds and my uterus stopped growing(I was measuring 32 weeks at my 34 weeks appointment). She's concerned that the baby's not growing properly and my amniotic fluid is low and asked me to stop fasting right away. The whole time, my husband was just sitting there with the " I told you so" smirk on his face since he was against me fasting to start with. After measuring my uterus, the OB-GYN just kept on going on how this was why pregnant women were exempted from fasting and yadi yada. Mind you, she's muslim and said she would love to be pregnant so she would be exempted and she's planning just to do that next Ramadan since the days will be longer, lol. After we were done with the visit, my husband said he thought the dr was going to take out a belt and spank me right in front of him coz she was so mad at me for fasting against the other dr's recommendations. Long story short, she also ordered an ultrasound that I have to do tomorrow to measure the fluid around the baby and determine the baby's growth. She did indicate that if the fluid was low, I would need to be hospitalized and some sort of intervention will be needed. I was really sad to break my fast at first,it made me feel like I was missing something but I knew it was for a good cause and the baby's health and growth are more important at this poing. Now, I've come to terms with it and I've spent the last week resting, eating and drinking a lot of fluid to gain back what I've lost. Despite all that, I've not gained any of the lost weight back so we will see how things go tomorrow at my appointment inshaAllah.

Also does anyone know what the ruling is on pregnant women who are not fasting? Should we just make up the days we missed or do we have to feed poor people for every day we did not fast, or both? I've read so many different opinions on this that I don't know which one is correct so any thoughts would be appreciated. Ramadan Kareem!

I just visited this lovely site Book-Room, it's new and by muslim sisters for muslim sisters. Take a look if you have a chance!

On another note, I've been awarded by Mina, Hajar and Umm Omar . Thank you so much for thinking of me and for this award :-p

The rules are

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* I'm obsessed with pregnancy and anything baby related.
* I am addicted to the discovery channel freakbirth shows!
* I'm obsessed with home decoration as we're getting our new place together.
* I'm obsessed with learning how to make a fool out of myself bake. Made a strawberry shortcake yesterday, yummy!.
* And finally,I'm obsessed with the swirls, kicks and jumps by the alien baby in my belly.

I pass this tag/award to,
Umm Saliha


Cecilia said...

Congrats to your baby :)
I am so happy fo you! I hope everything is okey with the baby! Insha´allah!

Skye said...

Assalaamu alaykum sis
masha'allah thats so nice you fasted but young lady u naughty naught girl hehehehehe by the sounds of your doctor i think she was ready to send u to the 'naughty corner' lol insha'allah you gain some weight sis in a good way though i felt kind of weird telling you to PUT on weight lol I think thats the first time ive ever done that hehehe..And insha'allah the rest of your pregnancy is a breeze i will include you,your family in my dua's...take care sis and thankyou soo much for the award..wsalaamz =D

Mina said...

You've been missed hun, Inshallah i hope you gain some weight...and are able to make up your fasts:)

Don't know anything about it though:/im not much help there sorry, Inshallah khair sweety:)

Anonymous said...

Hijabeeeee :)!Oh,every day I was looking in my sidebar if you wrote something =).I'm happy you finally had the time and energy to do it :).Anyway,in regards to this post I'll comment more later on,because now I don't have time,but there's something I'd like to say...
Please,take good care of yourself.I know it's hard during the pregnancy when all the hormones are up side down,but trust me it'll be everything O.K..
Thank you also for the award :).My dear Allah,you really surprised me.I've already received this award,but this time I passed it to the blogs that I read just once in a while.Just to aknowledge them.But,as I wrote in my post about this award,I think all the blogs listed in my sidebar are special.Definitely yours :)!I send you lots of love my dear!And a strong hug,too :)!

Ms.Unique said...

Awww and I missed U tooooooo ... Congrats on your award .... :D

Pls chk this link for your answer on fasting for pregnant women

Hope it helps ..... rest alls f9 ... tk good cr .... Hugs :)

Mona said...

You can't help but be obsessed with birth/babies while pregnant, it's innate!

Amina said...

I hope you'll gain the required pounds asap.. Keeping you in my prayers :)

Hajar said...

Aww~~~ take good care of yourself and your baby! Baking obsession is GOOD! Provided you're able to eat whatever you made. :P

Anonymous said...

As Salamu Alaikum Sister. I was just passing through and saw your blog.Here ais my thought. YOU SHOULD REALLY LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND MORE!

Umm Amirah said...

Asalaamu Alaikaum and ramadan mubarak,
I'm just going to say take care of you and your 'charge' for now. You have a year to make up that fast from Ramadan 1430.
That child has rights over you and you must fulfill those FIRST.
*tisk, tisk*

clare said...

Salam- hope you and the baby are doing well. I'm in DC too and enjoying your blog. :D I thought I'd mention this event if you or anyone you know would like to attend- Jummah prayers this Friday at the Capitol!

Ms.Unique said...

I want to ask you something ... do U chk ur mails?

Garage sale said...

Insh'Allah take good care of yourself!!!

I am pregnant as well and managed to fast for about a week and 1/2.

I read that pregnant women have to make up missed days and pay fidya (that's what it is called right?) for each missed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hijabee,

it's me again!
Last time I just wanted to add that maybe you're a little scared of the new life that's awaitng you with the birth of your little Hijabee.Thus,I think you want to do everything as if nothing is going to change.Maybe you get more secure like this.
I'm sure no expert,nor do I pretend to be,but I'm just talking as a woman who imagines how it'd be for her if she'd expect a baby.
I think I'd also try to keep everything as it is,but as you could see,your body tells you differently.I tell you,there's a reason if Allah said that on certain occasion women are preserved from some of their religious duties.You can make that up sometime later,or you can do something else that will replace your fasting.
I'd say,just calm down,take some time for you and while you're laying on that couch just enjoy a shameful good ice-cream =).You deserve it ;)!
I send you a strong hug,along with a kiss,kiss my sweet Hijabee!

Jemila said...


Def bin a while, but glad you're doing ok (?) Inshallah the doctor's appointment will go well and both you and the lil one shall be fine. I def admire your dedication to fasting -- even if you did ignore your doctor's recommendations (lol). Anyways, I'll be heading to DC tomorrow, so inshallah I'll see you at some point. Get some rest sweeds. A tout!

gazelledusahara said...

I won't add any tsk, tsks, but just wanted to wish you well. I'A it will all be ok in the end, for you and the baby. ws

Ms.Unique said...

Wish U a belated Eid :D

Constructive Attitude said...

Hopefully everything goes well!

And your blog is so cute. I'm loving your avatar :)

Hijabee said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. Sorry for not replying sooner but things are busy around here. I am a few weeks away from my due date but need to get so many things in order that its crazy. I will try to keep you updated as much as I can

Anonymous said...

Oh...can't wait!
Just be O.K.!Now the most important thing are you and your little baby.
Come...let me give you a kiss,kiss :)!

Anonymous said...

The excellent message gallantly)))

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

asalamu alalikum sis, my mom fasted when she was pregnant with me lol. you've a nice blog and i also obsess with tlc babyshow, home decorations that air in the weekend and i love to bake.

Wish you the best with your pregnancy.