If You Knew

If you knew the power of your word
Would you care about what people heard?
If you knew someone was alone and defenseless
Would you care enough to stop being so senseless?

If you knew a heart was wounded and jaded
Would you make someone feel appreciated?
If you knew the power of a man's greed
Would you give your money to someone in need?

If you knew the reason why people take abuse
Would you take the time to change their views?
If you knew a teenager who was about to give birth
Would you share the meaning of life and it's worth?

If you knew a person with disease was dying
Would you tell them to give up or to keep on trying?
If you knew the meaning behind a poor man stealing
Would you punish him for wrong doing without feeling?

If you knew a child who didn't believe in the Lord
Would you take a moment to share the love you had stored?
If you knew a girl who cut her pain with blades to her skin
Would you look at her in shame and say she was a sin?

If you knew a hungry family had no food to live
Would you sacrifice yourself and offer what you could give?
If you knew a boy who never learned to read and write
Would you take the time to see his inner light?

If you knew that sadness brought all of this pain
Would you care enough to bring sunshine to the rain?
If you knew the power of your own significance
Would you realize that you alone can make a difference?


Jemila said...

Love it! Something to think about :)

Precious Muslimah said...

Jazakallahu Khair Ukhti, veryb eye-opening!!!

Mona said...

So beautiful Hijabee. I love it.

Ms.Unique said...

Masha Allah! Beautiful ... how's lil one doing? gv her lots of love :)

blue said...

Assalamualaikum wrwb sis,

Beautifully written...

May Allah swt reward you her in this world and the next for your inspiring postsss...

Anonymous said...

what a nice blog! I just know from Quran club

Hijabee said...

Thanks for reading :)

Precious Muslima, Mona, Thank you!

She's good, growing mashaAllah:)

Waleikum Salam wrwb, ameen. May He reward you for reading as well

Thank you for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this post.I think about such things many times and yet sometimes I forget about them.Thus in such moments I will recall this poem and try to be a better person.It is not always easy to be good.
I so agree regarding words.A good word can do so much positive!As a bad word can do so much damage.
It really should be a priority to speak well and with a conscience.

Maz said...

Slm alkm sister.
Great poet, definitely food for thoughts.
The thing is, we all judge and hardly ever put ourselves in other people's shoes.
After reading your poem, I felt like rewriting it by changing the "would you" bit everywhere with "when did you last"...
When did you last care about what people heard / when did you last care enough..
Keep on the good work sister. May Allah reward you for your spirit.

Hijabee said...

Thanks for commenting! And I agree about words...A good word can make such a difference in someone's day...

Waleikum Salam. I appreciate your comment. "When did you last" would also be another way of looking at it. Welcome to my blog and please stop by again. Thank you

Sadiyah said...

That was really beautiful mashallah. Nice blog too!

Hijabee said...

Thank you Sadiyah :)

Holy Crackers said...

Jazakallah Khair!

I really loved this post. Masha'Allah, it was well said and does make you contemplate what you do with your life and others around you. To what extent do we cherish people?

Very enlightening!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

awesome article beyond expression.

shukran shukran shukran sis.