Answer to what's been going on

Oh My God, I will start by saying that I didn't wanna blog about this again but I have to out things straight so people won't be mislead by your new video and the comments on that video. First of, I read the comments on your video and I have NO IDEA who TravellingHijab or Brainvoltage is. They are impersonating me. I have not posted on your Youtube channel since you blocked me. I do have an Offline life you know, and I don't have time to create accounts just to reply to you. If I have something to say to you I would do so directly on my blog or an email... I don't have anything to hide and I don't hide behind screen names/fake names to send messages. Anyone who knows me will know flat out that those messages do not come from me. I would never accuse you of Kufr since 1- You have not committed an act of Kufr in my presence 2-Only Allah knows whats in people's heart and as the Ultimate Judge will decide who is a believer. I have no place in that or the way you practice your Islam,I have my own eggs to worry about. My only issue with you stems from the fact that you hijacked the hijab and the fact that you were not truthful in your communication with me. I couldn't care less about your Islam to even comment on it. It seriously doesn't concern me...So whoever those people are, please be upfront with her and tell her who you are and if you have issues with her independent of this one, settle that with her but please don't use my name or blog in doing so.

Now, having said that, I'm going to comment on the content of your video. I don't have time to play games. In your video you read messages that were not sent to you by me, so I really don't know where you werere going with this. My name is not Laila abdullah or whatever name you said sent you the messages you're reading in your video. I really don't have the time or energy to EXPOSE you like you're saying. I seriously have better things to do. All the messages that were exchanged between us are in my previous post, because I don't have anything to hide and I don't even post videos on Youtube so how can I expose you on Youtube? This is so ridiculous it's laughable . I know I should probably take you seriously but I just can't coz I'm laughing as Iam typing this, trying to picture myself and my Mafia exposing you to the world lol..... Really? Ok :)

Also,you said I never comforted you, came to your house, prayed for you...... Seriously? lol Why would I ? Like you said I don't know you, and I don't know whats going on in your life so why would I just comfort you out of the blue? I mean, I don't go out on the street hugging random people and asking them if they need prayers? Not part of my job description, sorry. You never even mentioned once that you lost anyone in your family but I guess being the psychic that I am I should've known :) Th only times you mentioned you were sick in your messages, I told you I would make dua for you, so please stop thinking that the world owes you something and people should care about what's happening in your life, or at least guess it and comfort you. If you want that done,go on Dr.Phil, it's free.

I also never commented on your Youtube videos nor am I subscribed to your channel so you don't owe me any explanation as far as why you are on youtube and what you're doing there. I really don't care just like I won't explain to you anything about blogging, so keep on youtubing it won't bother me at all. Our previous messages were only published on the blog after you refused to send the hijab and I did tell you that my last resort would be to publish them if you're not cooperative. My intent wasn't to be malicious,but rather to inform and state the facts. So I don't know why you acted so surprised while you've been warned and given ample time to respond. The facts need to be stated...

You stated in an email sent to me today that you mailed the hijab 2 weeks ago via regular mail and no tracking number.When I asked who you mailed it to, you didn't answer. This is contradictory to the email you sent 2 days ago where you said you didn't have time to mail the hijab. So, 2 days ago the hijab was with you but 2 weeks ago it was mailed? Does that make sense?

There was no need for you to insult the sisterhood's hijab, and say that all of this happened because of a "stupid hijab". The hijab did not do anything to you. You are the one who showed interest in it and kept messaging me about when you were going to get it. Had you not come to us, you wouldn't have been part of this project. In the end, its not about the hijab as the hijab has really no monetary value to us, I mean it's not a diamond for crying out loud. It's about the principle. You can't just hold things that don't belong to you,not follow any rules established, and think the world owes you something, because it doesn't. For every action, there are consequences, and this could've been easily avoided had you just followed the rules. In the end, you are not the judge of whether or not we are good enough to call ourselves a Sisterhood. MashaAllah, we are a sisters, we have bonded , shared our stories, shared gifts and alhamdulilah so far so good, almost 2 years strong :)

Anonymous comments won't be allowed anymore on my blog because of the influx of such comments flooding my previous post. I don't have time to read repeated posts about the same thing and obviously written by the same person(s). Someone complained on your channel that their comment was deleted and I only accept positive comments. That is not true again since a lot of the negative comments posted on the previous post are still there. I deleted the ones that I felt were written by the same person (s) over and over. I never had the need to moderate posts on my blog and I still don't as long as you are respectful and not flooding, you are entitled to your own opinions and you do not have to agree with me to comment.By the way, commenting on any blog is not a right, its a privilege and the blog owner reserves the right to delete any comments that are disrespectful, offensive or only have the purpose to lash out. If you don't wanna be censored, create your own blog and comment there, no one will bother you.

What's funny is after all this, I empathize with you because I really think something went awfully wrong. Whatever it is, I hope it get fixed and you grow from it to be the person you aspire to be and that you find peace in the process. I also pray that I and other sisters can learn and grow from this. As a beautiful sister told me this morning "sad and difficult situations are crucial for soul development and it is this which makes you more human, and more developed as a human being.In the through happy times and through adversity; it is a sunnah and a charity :)"


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Aleykoum , I'm not a fan of taking sides, but after watching this sisters videos , it is like she wants the viewers to ...pity her. Then Again, I might be Awfully wrong and Allah knows.

I think something should be done for things like this not to occur ever again. I'm not familiar with this project, but ''rules'' could be reinforced/made stricter and the sisters should be told ahead of time the ''consequences'' of not being able to return the book + scarf.

Peace and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone :)

Jaz said...

Wow that's crazy, I couldn't watch the video (limited internet) but .. from what I've gathered... That's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh,I'm sorry Hijabee that you have to deal with such things.I've only read the previous post and I'll sure read this one,too and comment...I really have to go now...I'm just sorry you have to deal with such things.
Mwah my dear!

.::Tuttie::. said...

Wa aalaykum as salaam,

well that totally sucks. I remember that I didn't send my hijab until months later and I felt bad about that and you were nothing but polite, not once ever accusing me of anything. Its sad that things deteriorated so badly for the sister and there was clearly some misunderstandings based on your post. I refused to watch the video because its Ramadan and I don't want to be a witness to backbiting.

btw the next day after I shipped the hijab, I found out I was 4 or so weeks pregnant, wished I could have put that on the journal all the will do on the blog once the baby is born (sometime this month inshaAllah).

Amina said...

wow..Je ne vais meme pas perdre mon temps a regarder la video. Je suis vraiment desolee que ce projet ait pris une mauvaise tournure. En tout cas tes lectrices fideles te soutiennent.

Diali said...

Og my God, this is crazy.
Hijabee, brush your shoulders hope, let's hope she indeed send the hijab and we move on inchallah.
A project of this magnitude couldn't have been succesfull without a roadblock, hopefully this is it.
Tournons la page

Empress Anisa said...

Hijabee: Just like the first sister said who commented, she's totally looking for pity... from whom, I don't really like to know. She goes on and on about US not being sisters and don't call her "sister" and "unsubscribe" to her channel... why not take ALL that time and energy to clear your name? Tell the sisters what happened to the hijab and scrapbook if for some reason she can't produce it? Where she sent it back to??? Or forwarded it to???

Also on the same note, no one came to her house, nobody knows her, how's she's been sick and blah blah blah... and she knows how many sisters have been sick? Lost family members since this project started? Fed any of us? Visited OUR homes? Were we able to lean on HER shoulder when we cried??? What nonsense is this?????? Sisters from ALL over have participated and I don't think any of us have seen the other or maybe know each other outside of blogging but we created a bond over time thru our love of Islam, our love of Allah (SWT) and our love of sisterhood...

If she thinks the world owes her something, well... she's wrong. She should stick to the facts, NOT the "fluff" about OUR PROPERTY... as a matter of fact, don't talk- just act.... send that which doesn't BELONG TO YOU to it's RIGHTFUL OWNERS.

And ALL of this FITNAH during Ramadan..... AstagfiruAllah.... I ask to place more understanding and mercy in my heart to forgive her... cuz right now I feel something in my chest after watching that video that isn't good.... AstagfiruAllah

justice said...
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Hijabee said...

Waleikum Salam wa Rahmatulah,
Thank you for your comment. We are currently looking for ways to prevent this from happening again. It could be a difficult process since the Sisterhood operates on the basis of amanah and we can only have a sister's word as to whether or not they will abide by the rules.

Jaz, yes it is crazy :)

Good to see you here. Long time, how are you?

Tuttie, MashaALlah on your pregnancy. Congrats, May ALlah give you an easy pregnancy and easy delivery with a healthy child that will live under His shade. These are good news.

Thanks Amina

Yes hopefully, the next sister gets it and everything is back to normal.

Empress Anisa,
All of this could've been easily avoided had she communicated the whereabouts of the hijab/scrapbook. Though she had it for 2 months I have been cooperative and patient with her up to the point she chose to become unresponsive and then went on a rant.

Her personal issues are just that, hers. We all have our own. I have lost very close family members this year but I would never used that as an excuse to not do what's right or break a promise. And if I am unable to do something, I communicate with the person and let them know in advance.

InshaAllah, Allah will take all this fitnah away from us and the sisterhood will be back to normal, resuming where we left off and it will all be sorted out. I truly believe that Allah will sort this out for us. And inshaAllah, He will take away whatever you're feeling in your chest and increase your patience in this process as He is testing us right now.

On another note, I received an email from someone today saying that they are Sumayah's family member and that all their family is fine and alive.... Allahu Ahlam

kakchik said...

Salam Hijabee. I was on youtube just now and watched part of the video and I was a bit shock when I saw your blog address is featured in it. All the while she's talking I am thinking this can't be true. As fast as I can, I came here because I know there must be an explanation. Alhamdulillah. I think you're being very cool.

Safiyyah said...


OMG Hijabee. Haven't checked in on you in awhile so came around to see what's going on with you and read this! I remember when you started this project. And Alhamdulillah, it's still going on. Well, maybe that particular hijab is at the end of its journey, and it's time to send a new one on its way :)

Hijabee said...

Good that you came here. I guess I will have to do one more post about this before I can close the chapter since now she's telling to other people that Iam sending her death threats. This is crazy :)

Salam, how are you? Yeh Alhamdulilah it's still going on and we have met great sisters in the past 2 years and we will continue with it inshaAllah.

♥ααℓiα♥ said...


I've been kinda outta it cuz ya know life gets crazy sometimes hehehe but I remember when u started the Project O_O

I'm sorry things got so ugly between u and this person... Only Allah knows what's going on but inshaaAllah u will move on and forget about her nonsense!!

Tsleem 7abibti xoxo

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Oh ya and *if* you're responsible too, then forget about your nonsense LOL

BTW I don't know this Sister, never heard of her or seen her YouTube and I'm sorry to hear about her hardships :-(

Please, let's erase this stuff and put it behind us - life is so short and it's the holy month - a time to heal, forget and make new beginnings.

Sis, please remove these posts inshaaAllah :-)

You're a grown woman and can decide what is right <3

Hijabee said...

Thank you for your comment but I won't be removing these posts. If they were not here, a lot of people would believe what she's been telling them so I have to share what happened the way it happened. I will have another post to clear things up since shes saying Im sending her death threats. Really? I'm also very confident about what I wrote and inferred in my previous post since I received messages from someone in her family stating that they are all well and alive. In any case, thanks for stopping by and Ramadan Mubarak :)

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Salaam Habibti,

Fair enough -- if someone is attacking you, and I read those comments -- I KNOW there are a few weirdos impersonating you because no sane person would make statements like that, especially someone of your character & reputation in the Blog World -- you need to defend yourself inshaaAllah.

I just read the deal about death threats, and this is getting outta control O_O

Sis, I think your readers can tell who is in the wrong and besides Allah is the Judge so I leave it to Him.

As for those imposters: GET A LIFE, LOSERS.

Hijabee said...

Yes, it is way outta control, lol. I sent her an email 2 days ago telling her those messages on her channel are not from me, but she's still acting as if they are and telling people I have a lot of youtube accounts and Im sending her death threats. InshaAllah, I will make another post to clear everything out. Thanks for the support though :)

Mommy Apprentice said...

This is the weirdest thing ever! I can't believe this. I mean we've been chugging along for nearly 2 years (I remember because I had just had my first child who will be 2 years old in 2 days) with no major problems and now this. I haven't watched any of the videos but no matter the excuse 1 way to end this all is send the hijab and journal back, khalas! I feel violated by this person.

Hijabee said...

I know, and we all felt that way. Alhamdulilah, we got the hijab/scrapbook back. I will make a post about it later inshaAllah.

Empress Anisa said...

You made my day when I read your last comment in the wee hours of this morning.... ALHUMDULILLAH..... ALLAHU AKBAR!!!
And now, for sure, we can move on.... everything is back where it belongs!

Hijabee said...

Alhamdulilah :) yes we can move on now. Thanks for your support. I'm glad we got it back :)