If you've been reading this blog,You'd know about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Hijab. If not, you can read about it Here. Anyways, the traveling Hijab has been going on for almost 2 years now and Alhamdulilah so far it's been a positive experience. Sisters from around the world have joined and shared their stories with us, and InshaAllah, more sisters can join in the future. Unfortunately, I recently had the most utterly shocking exchange with the sister who presently has the hijab and in my opinion is holding it hostage. I would never publish these messages if I thought for a minute that this girl was legit, I truly think that something went terribly wrong. She also has a blog that can be found here She received the hijab on July 8th 2010 and I've attached all our exchanges, so you can understand where I'm coming from. While you're reading, please note the dates and contents of each message:

From Hijabee, June 10th, 2010

Salam sister,

I read that you were interested in the SIsterhood of the traveling hijab. Please send me your email so I can send you an invite to the blog. Thank you

From Sumaya Rose Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab (edited for privacy reason)

From Hijabee, June 11th 2010

I sent you an invitation. Lemme know if you have any questions. Also send me your address. Thank you- Heejabee

From Sumaya Rose
My address is (edited address for privacy reasons)

Thanks and Salam

From Heejabee, June 29th 2010

Salam Sumaya,

Funny you have my daughter's name :) The hijab will be on your way this week inshaAllah. Lemme know if you have any questions. Thank you!

From Sumayah Rose
salam alakum sis,

Mashallah! I am so excited! This is so wonderful. I cant wait inshallah I have it by this weekend. I am going to Bush Gardens, the everglades and Miami. I think that will be so much fun to wear the traveling hijab on my trip.


From Hijabee, June 29th, 2010
Sounds so cool & exciting! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. I hope you get the hijab by then and enjoy your time with it. Have a good one!
Cheers! :-p

From Sumaya Rose. July 8th 2010

salam alakum sis,

INshallah your good. I still have not recieved the traveling hijab. Do you have a tracking number for it? That way I can or you can track it down.

From Hijabee, july 8th 2010

Waleikum Salam Sumayah,
Lujain had some issues sending the hijab that's why it's late. Because of the 4th of July holiday, she said she had to go to the post office twice before she was able to send it. I just tracked it and it was delivered today. Are you sure someone in your house did not sign for it? Thank you
The tracking number is as follows:

0496 9002 0330 2109 8578

From Sumayah Rose
Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab

i got it sis.

From Hijabee, July 19th 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
Salam Sumayah,
How are you? I haven't heard back from you and was wondering if you're ready to send the hijab to the next sister. I sent you an invitation to the blog a few days ago so you can post up a pic and story . Let me know how things are going. Thanks!

From Sumayah Rose, July 19th 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
salam sis things are crazy i need a bit longer to uplaod my blog and pic.

sis I need some prayers, major prayers, pray ALLAH protect me and help me!


From Hijabee, July 21th 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
That's fine. I hope all is well with you. May Allah protect you and help you in anything you're going through. Allah is always there for you and He listens when noone is listening so talk to him and he will hear you. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
( no response from Sumayah)

From Hijabee, July 28th 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
Salam Sumayah,
I hope you are feeling better sister. Any updates on the hijab? Thank you

From Sumayah Rose, July 29th 2010
Salam I plan on doing everything tomarrow, pic and all. INshallah. Nope not feeling better in fact my doc was trying to get me to go get a blood transfusion yesterday. I didnt listen- cant afford it right now. I am making dua thou...notice how white I look in my last video adn how blaa. Humdulilah I have ALLAH, inshallah tomarrow and then inshallah next week I can send it.

From Hijabee, August 3rd, 2010

Salam Sumaya,
How are you doing? Hope you're better and back to normal. Anyways, I am still waiting on the Hijab as the next sister has emailed me twice about it and I told her you were going to mail it this week, so please keep me posted. Thank you!


From Sumayah Rose, August 3rd 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
salam sis I will I am so sorry jazakallah kiron............please pray for me.

From Sumayah Rose, August 5th 2010

salam sis I cant figure out how to post a message on the blog???

From Hijabee , August 6th 2010

Re: Sisterhood of the Traveling HIjab
I sent you an invitation on July 14th to be an author, that invitation hasn't been accepted. I resent 2 invitations just now, one on your yahoo address, the other one on your gmail address. Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to post on the blog.

From Hijabee, August 10th 2010

Salam Sumaya,
I still haven't seen your post on the blog nor have you mailed the hijab. You have been holding the hijab for a long time now and so far I have been very patient. Please remember that there are many sisters waiting and you're holding the sisterhood up at this point. The rules of the sisterhood are clear in the sense that you can't have the hijab for more than 1 week and I have let you slip on that one but please be considerate of other people waiting, so could you please mail the hijab to:
xx....../ ( address edited for privacy reasons)

Thank you.

From Sumayah Rose, August 17th 2010

Salam It is being mailed Thursday, inshallah. That is my day off and I have time to do it then.

From Hijabee, August 21th 2010

I would like to know if the hijab was mailed and if you could provide me with the tracking number. Thank you

From Hijabee, August 23rd 2010

I need to know the status of the hijab. You are the first person Im having issues with regarding this hijab. This has been going on for over a year without any issues. People are waiting, so please reply to my messages.

I still haven't received any messages from Sumayah Rose on September 1st, 2010,and realized she blocked me from sending her messages on Youtube so I emailed her today this message:

From: Umm Sumaya

Subject: Sisterhood of the Traveling Hijab
Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 6:19 PM

You have ignored my previous messages. I would like to have the hijab back. You are unbelievable, you've been having the hijab for 2 months while you are only allowed to have it for one week. I have been very civil with my previous messages to no avail. I also know that you have blocked me from your youtube channel I guess not to be bothered by my messages. The only reason you were part of the sisterhood in the first place is because we trusted that as a Muslim you would be honest enough to follow the rules like everybody else before you! This is MY LAST email to you and after this if I don't hear back from you I will have to go public with this on my blog and all the sisters blog so they can be warned. I also have your address in Orlando and I will have to send someone there to get the hijab from you if I don't hear from you and if that person can't get the hijab we will have to recourse to the law . Sisters have not worked on this project for over a year to have it stalled because of one person. This was supposed to be a beautiful experience for everybody but I guess there is a bad apple in every group! Pleas reply at your earliest convenience

And Finally she replied with this:

candace metcalf
to Umm

show details 9:59 PM (1 hour ago)

salam alakum,

I just want to let you know that I will not have any more emails from you sister. First because of your disdain for me being your sister. Second because of you not treating me like your sister. And third of ALL because islam does not require such things as a traveling hijab. Thanks For being so considerate when I lost all my family sister, you know who was there for me not a stupid sister with a traveling hijab to comfort me, now when I lost my children were you there for me sister, and when I got so sick that I cant even stand up were you there sister. DId you even ask me how I was or even pray for me I dont think so, may ALLAH SWT forgive us all and sister, I blocked you for your inconsideration and yes I have been busy with lossing my family and my health. Thanks For ASKING. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU TOO>


Umm Sumaya
to candace

show details 10:09 PM (57 minutes ago)

You are such a liar. May Allah forgive you for all your lies. How many times did I send you messages asking you how you were doing and Prayed for you? If Islam doesn't require a traveling hijab, why are you part of it? Each one of us deals with their own issues, were you considerate when other sisters were going through what they are going through? Do you know whats going on in my life? I have all the messages that I sent you asking you how you were and what was wrong with you which shows that you are a liar. By this Ramadan, this night, May Allah judge between us!

Seriously? I'm appalled. I have been nothing but civil with Sumayah/Candace since our first exchange. To be honest, I started being annoyed in July when she was giving me excuses after excuses about why she couldn't mail the hijab but still I stayed civil and polite in all my messages. She dares saying that I never asked her how she was doing,.... Well if you read what I posted on top, you can see how that is just a big fat lie. Also, she said she lost her entire family and kids "sigh" so I guess I should've known that Sumayah/Candace was the sole survivor in her family, though she still posts daily videos on Youtube at her channel ( Sumayah Rose Youtube Channel) where she discusses regular normal every day topics like Tattoos, Religion and Guerilla, all of that I guess while mourning the death of her entire family. Where was I, cruel inconsiderate me when all of this was going on? I guess I didn't get the memo, I was just too busy with my so insignificant life.... Needless to say, I don't believe anything she is saying and I don't believe she's truthful. I know thats a big assumption to make about someone and I hate making assumptions about people, I give them the benefit of the doubt till all doubt is erased in my mind. Let's say that in this case, I have as much doubt as a mouse in front of a cat. There is only one solution for the mouse, Run and Hide, no doubt about that. I also find it very hypocritical that she said she doesn't believe the traveling hijab is part of Islam, but at the same time, she is part of it and even made a video that you can see here praising it and wearing the Sisterhood's hijab.I'm sure you are all wondering where Im getting at, but I wanted to get other people's perspectives as I think I am a very fair person and the least conflict averse person I know. Unfortunately, I seriously think this girl is mental and I am sorry I ever trusted her. It's really not about the hijab or the scrapbook, it's about the principle, you can't just take things that you've been trusted with and disappear. This is the end of my rant. Have a good end of Ramadan everyone


Anonymous said...

To Sumayah Rose,

Sister, if you're reading this, you need to send the hijab ASAP either back to Hijabee or to the next sister waiting as the hijab is not yours to keep. It is an amaanah (trust) that the sisterhood of traveling hijab works on. It has taken alot of effort and time on Hijabee's side to start the project and to keep it going. Plus, the sisters who already wore it, put up their personal pictures on the scrapbook and wrote on cannot let all of that go to a waste. The hijab is rightfully Hijabee's as she was the one who bought it but in essence its rightfully belongs to the Sisterhood.

No matter what happened in your personal life (and if all that is true then i pray to Allah for giving you patience and strength and to recompense you for it with the best reward in the hereafter) and no matter what issues you have with Hijabee, you *have* to give back the stuff as it does not belong to you(and no matter how much you think it isnt part of islam)

After all this i can just echo what Hijabee said. That Allah is the Judge. (no ganging up on you, i have absolutely no ill feelings towards you)

To Hijabee - hey woman! its been ages since ive been on ur blog!

Yours Truly,
Toddie! :D :D :D

Hijabee said...

Welcome back to my blog and hopefully you will be blogging soon.You're right that its based on Trust since that's the only thing we have. However, at this point its broken. Hopefully we can all move on from it. Thanks for your comment again.

Umme Yusuf said...

Assalaam o Alaikom,
I'm sorry to see such problem arising between sisters. In my opinion, it has been wrong of Sumaya Rose to not pass on the hijab but you posting all the details of your exchanges and her online ID public is also very sad. Especially when it only serves to give a vent to your anger and will in no way help to secure back the hijab. Continued patience would have been best.

Hijabee said...

Umme Yusuf,
I have been patient with her for 2 months and only decided to post this when she said she wouldn't reply to my messages anymore. Unfortunately, the traveling hijab is not mine, it was started as a group and I have a duty to tell sisters what happened since I receive daily inquiries about the hijab. Trust me, if It only affected me and not the sisterhood, I wouldn't share it on my blog. I appreciate the comment and advice though. Thank you.

Coffee Catholic said...

This is very sad :-(

The scrapbook will be the greatest loss of all.

Hijabee said...

Coffee Catholic,
I agree. Hopefully it can be resolved.

Hajar said...

Salams my dearest hijabee,

Just reading this saddens me tremendously, and I think everybody knows how much we treasure this project. What's done is done, and I hope during this blessed month you can find it in your heart to forgive her. Take care sis. Love & hugs to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaikum,
This is really unfortunate. I guess she is going thru some psychological problems.

Sister, if you're reading this, you are actually going against the spirit of Islam by behaving in this manner. The scrapbook and hijab does NOT belong to you. If you do not return the hijab and scrapbook, you'd be doing an abominable thing in Islam- stealing.

You say you needed/need support from your Muslim sisters. Well, the idea of this traveling hijab *is* for us to support each other and UNITE us all and tell us we're not alone! Pls do not vent your anger at the hijab because you will be the cause of the sadness of so many of your sisters..and will not be thought of kindly by your sisters. That is the last thing you want right now sister.

I wish the Spirit of this great month gives you peace and that you return the hijab :(
Perhaps this is a test from Allah. I pray for you not to be unsuccessful in it.

Please sister :(

Amina said...

woooooooooooooow!Qui aurait cru qu'un si beau projet pouvait amener des histoires? Apres tout cet investissement temporel et financier (les frais de port) de chaque personne, ce serait tellement dommage que d'autres personnes ne puissent pas y participer. J'imaginais que le voile allait voyager jusqu'en Chine.
Et j'imagine aussi le stress que tu encours avec les emails, etc..
Je ne savais vraiment pas. Merci de nous informer et effectivement tu as ete tres courtoise tout au long de l'echange!

Umm Amirah said...

its IS sad, I know Hijabee and she's soo sweet (not saying that sweet ppl can't be hurtful). But this is terrible..ESPECIALLY during this blessed month!!

iA during these last 10 days she will see the errors in her ways..IF she was in error.

I KNEW I wasn't dependable so ...i KNEW not to sign up..LOL.

ma salaama

Hijabee said...

Thank you. Yeh hopefully she willl give it back.

Waleikum Salam. Thank you for your comment. I agree that its against the spirit of Islam. May Allah continue to guide us.

Yeh c'est clair que c'est decevant. J'arrive toujours pas a comprendre ses objectifs mais bon Allah va juger entre nous.

Umm Amirah,
Thank you. You're way sweeter than I am :) Yeh hopefully she will make the right decision and give it back. It's been going on for a while and we never had any issues, sad.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I was just in Orlando and should have gone by her house and picked it up for you!

nida said...

Insha'Allah - I wish you a speedy resolve of this very un-necessery issue. I found this project very intreguing, but was always consciously afraid of something like this happeneing down the line, hence why I never signed up. I hope it all works out well for the sake of all the sisters who participated and shared their experiences.

May Allah guide the sister - and us all!

Empress Anisa said...

For sure you handled this the correct way.... to let all the sisters know what happened.

Just how hard IS IT to put a hijab and book in the post office???? AstagfiruAllah, there's always ONE person to make an experience go all wrong.

I'm not feeling this at all.... sister, if you're reading, I think the BEST thing is to put the package in the mail... I take my personal stuff to heart so I think I should say it would less of a problem if you just did that.... that's ALL I'm going to say.

Hijabee, please keep me posted as to whether or not you receive it via my email or FB....

Desert-Veil said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sis,

Mash'Allah it's NICE TO SEE YOU BLOGGING AGAIN SIS!:o) even though it's under these unfortunate circumstances. I'm so sorry that your having to go through this, it's really not fair to you and it's not fair to everyone else as well. I want to offer to you, because I feel so horrible to send one of my scarfs to the next sister so that we don't ruin such a good thing, of course I don't have a scrap book but I'm sure that we can come up with something so that the unity and chain doesn't get broken.

What I found interesting was in her video that she posted 8 hours ago she talks about how Muslims should act and what are we really doing. What I don't understand is, what is SHE really doing? She really needs to look at herself and her own personal actions before lecturing others as to what they need to do.

Sister if you are reading this, take your own advice in your videos and do the right thing. This is a beautiful thing that you are ruining and destroying for these sisters and for what reason? For selfishness or being lazy? Remember that for every deed good or bad that you do gets recorded and for everything bad that you do against your fellow Sisters or Brothers they receive the blessing and take one of yours. As I see it we need all what we can get and it shouldn't come down to you not going to the post office to drop something as simple as a scrapbook and headscarf into the mail for you to loose all those blessings.

Hijabee said...

Yeh that would've been great, Hope you enjoyed your stay :) Thanks.

Thank you for your comment. I was myself afraid that it could happen but I also couldn't imagine it happening this way.

Empress Anisa,
InshaAllah,I will keep you posted. That's what bugs me as well. I just can't understand how someone can't have the time to drop the pckage at the post office in 2 months after numerous promises..Thanks for the support.

Desert Veil,
Thank you so much for the offer. I really appreciate it. You know like I said earlier, it's not about the hijab or its value, but more about the principle. What the hijab represents and its history and what its purpose was. We can always get anew hijab I suppose, but I do think it will annul the work that's been done this past year and a half, and I don't know if I have the energy to start over at this point but I guess its also not my decision to make, I will let the sisters decide. I also don't understand how you can lecture people and act this way. It's rather bizarre to say the least. Allahu Ahlam. Thank you for your support.

Diali said...

I seriously cannot believe this lady.
The scrapbook?

Anonymous said...

ya Allah this sister isn't even here to defend herself. Sisterhood my a55, and during Ramadan especailly may Allah SWT guide you and cure your disease of fitnah!

fitnah free hijabee said...

Shame on all of you backbitters.

Backbiting and slandering are shame and disgrace. Their perpetrator is detested and he shall not have a noble death. Allah forbids these acts, as He says in the Qur'an:

"Backbiting and Gossiping are from the most vilest and despicable of things, yet the most widely spread amongst mankind, such that no one is free from it except for a few people."

Anonymous said...

This is such slander such backbiting.. you should truly be ashamed of could have surely blogged without posting this young woman's email... this is disgusting especially during the Holy Month... wow.. your Appalled? you need to understand the meaning of the word.. this is Appalling..

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I ever became a part of this project, Really, MASHALLAH it is Ramadan!

Ibn ul-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, said: "In conclusion, the servant, when he turns away from Allah and becomes preoccupied with sins (in this world), he loses days of his true life (in the hereafter). He will see the consequence of losing them the Day he says, "He will say, 'Oh, I wish I had sent ahead [some good] for my life [i.e. true, everlasting life in the Hereafter].'" [al-Fajr (89):24]”

Ways to Jenna....

Some actions that can be done in ten minutes:

· The forenoon prayer

· Recitation of the Quran

· Salawat on the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam

· Praying Salat al-Janazah

· Remembrance of Allah, `azza wa jall

· Saying Subhan Allah, alhamdulillah and Laa ilaha ill Allah

· Teaching children

· Supplication

· Taking account of oneself

· Reading

· Removal of others’ difficulties and fulfillment of their needs

· Preserving ties of kinship

· Listening to Dawah tapes

· Visiting believers for Allah’s sake

· Remembering Allah after the obligatory prayers

· Making peace between people

· Advising

· Phoning relatives

· Writing one’s will

· Giving charity

· Reading traditions of the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam

· Contemplating

· Mailing Dawah information

· Feeding the poor

· Praying Salat al-Istikharah

· Taking care of orphans

· Serving one’s family

· Seeking knowledge

· Ordering good

· Making sajdah

· Spreading Islamic knowledge

· Calling to Allah

· Giving Sadaqa Jariyyah (charity that carries perpetual award)

· Guiding and nurturing one’s children

· Repeating after the mu’adhin

· Performing the night prayer

Anonymous said...

* To observe the rights of other Muslims – fulfilling our obligations towards other Muslims. These obligations differ depending on the group of Muslims (e.g. our parents, children, relatives, neighbours, etc.) – e.g. greeting them, visiting them when they are sick, making du’a for them, giving advice if they ask for it, praying solat ul janazah for the one who dies, etc.
* To observe the concept of wala’ which means:

1. to love every Muslim.
2. to care for all Muslims.
3. to help other Muslims.
4. to defend/protect other Muslims

If you do not love, you will not care. If you do not care, you will not help. If you do not help, you will not protect.
The reason why so many Muslims today do not care or help others is because there is something wrong with the wala’ aspect of love. We should have love for other Muslims, especially those who are suffering, so we will care and help them. The Scholars say one way to help and the least we can do is to make du’a (pray for them).

There is a counter concept to al-wala’ which is al-bara or disassociation with (for the purpose of leading others from doing evil). However we should not do it:
1. for our own interest.
2. if it will not lead the other person to change his ways – we should not start with disassociation, we should start with giving advice and educating.

We should show love and concern and give nasihah in the proper way. If all else fails, then we can use the concept of disassociation (if it will lead to the person changing).
* The Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said that “he is a real Muslim if he is the one who the other Muslims are saved from his tongue and his hand” – the true Muslim is one who will not harm others verbally or physically, in any way or by any means.
* Having mercy for the young and showing respect to the elders – it is part of glorifying Allah that we respect the elder Muslims.
* Sacrificing one’s time, effort, money, etc. for the betterment of the Muslim community.
* If we are the ones in authority, then we should act sincerely towards the rest of the Muslims and do whatever is in their best interest. We should give nasihah to the people by, e.g. doing what is best for the ummah, defending the community, putting the right and qualified people in the right position and job. Any kind of leadership or authority, whatever the level or rank, is responsible for the people being lead – e.g. supervisors, managers, teachers, principles, etc.

JRA said...

Ramadan isn't just about abstaining from food it's about abstaining from anything bad, you have just broken your fast, how does it feel?
This entry is disgusting, you are a manipulative bully, now we can all see your true colors

Anonymous said...

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The best charity is that given to a relative who does not like you."
--------- Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 100

Empress Anisa said...

Obviously, all these latest comments MUST be from the accused or friends of the accused.... all that needs to said here is:
- Someone was entrusted with a package to which they failed to keep their promise
- Apparently, after SEVERAL attempts to retrieve the items in question, the admin was being lied to;
THESE qualities do not make a good MUSLIM.... what slander? What backbiting??? Most of us who have commented are people who have been this project from INCEPTION... our contributions are in this scrapbook- which hence makes it the personal property of US ALL... who is this sister to hold it RANSOM????

If she chose the path not to COMMUNICATE with the admin THEN SHE IS THE GUILTY ONE AS CHARGED- BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CALL THE BACKBITER AND SLANDERER. And rest assured, my previous comment above still stands- it's in her interest to return the COMMUNITY PROPERTY of this group....

And why the Anon status... state your name.... Allah (SWT) knows WHO the aggressor here is without us making any claims and in the end, it's to HIM those who transgressed shall answer....

wantowearhijab said...

I am soo sorry this happened! Can you please email me or message me on facebook if you get more news about the package? SubhanAllah my private thoughts were in that scrapbook.

Mina said...

Subhanallah im so shocked...i dont know what to say, i really hope the hijab gets passed on to the next sister coz it really is a shame all of this happened when it was coming along so nicely!

Inshallah its all sorted out soon:)

Hijabee said...

Empress Anisa,
There were actually about 30 anonymous comments, all of them similar in content, I erased the other ones coz I don't wanna be flooded with all this junk. I blocked comments from anonymous from now on.I do think all of them are from the same person and I will write a post to reply to the things she said on her youtube video which are so not true. She sent me a message today saying she mailed the hijab 2 weeks ago, that doesn't make any sense!!! Yes you are right that the hijab/scrapbook belongs to all the people who took part in this project and contributed to it. May Allah reward you for your support.

Hijabee said...

Inshallah I will keep you posted.

I know its crazy :)

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum

Please remove this blog, as it is not beneficial in any case. Matters could be settled peacefully.
As she said that she has mailed you both Hijab and the book...So now please remove this blog and apologies for your harsh behavior..
As a muslim we are suppose to forgive each other.

With love

A sister

SaboorahAmatuRahmaan said...

Ramadaan Mubarak my Dear Sisters in Islam!
Oh AllahSWT! Please bring Peace to this situation and Comfort my Sister's. Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

The 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Hijab' sounds like a beautiful Project MaashAllah!
Rule number 7 in the description of the Hijab rules says:
7- Let's see how far the hijab will get and how many places this hijab will see.

As part of the Hijab game, why not have a 'death' of a Hijab, and a death of a Hijab ceremony?
Example: The Sisterhood of The Traveling Hijab lost the Hijab that was put into Circulation on .......
MaashAllah we lost the Hijab on ..........
The Hijab remained in circulation for ..........
AllahSWT Promised to test us with loss of property......
MaashAllah Jenna is worth every test we have to suffer.
We thank Allah for the time the Hijab served to bring Sisters together around the Globe.
Thank You Allah for allowing us to share the Blessings from Your Love.

InshAllah, then introduce a new Hijab, and InshAllah, see how long the new Hijab will remain in circulation?

Instead of sending the entire scrapbook, why not send a few pages upon which the person can write, and then have them send the information back to the Group.
InshAllah, then can't that information be uploaded to a virtual scrapbook online?
InshAllah, couldn't you also have a map with a colored line to represent each Hijab, to show the colorful route each Hijab traveled?
I'm thinking that, InshAllah, that you're going to have do things differently in order to preserve future Peace and continuity.
Alhumdulilah, the Hijab game sounds like a nice pastime, and may Allah Bless it, and make it a means for my Sisters in Islam to obtain Jenna. Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

With love MaashAllah,
InshAllah Eid Mubarrak!

Hijabee said...

Waleikum Salam waRahmatulahi waBarakatuh. Ramadan Kareem sister.Thats a great idea mashaAllah. It already has an"online scrapbook" of sorts on the sisterhood's blog. But that message you added is beautiful mashaALah. May Allah accept your duas and also reward you with Jannah.May Allah, for Whose sake you love us, love you. Eid Mubarak

Anonymous said...

Dear Hijabee,
I am so sad this happened to this beautiful journey that you had began- May Allah give you isteqma and wisdom in dealing with this -
Sister Anisa told me this morning and I can't stop thinking about it.

As Maulana Rumi said "if every rub irritates you how will you be polished" This is Allah's way of testing you. Please forgive this sister- I know you put a lot of hard work and energy into this beautiful endeavor. But we can continue it just as long as the sister values her Muslims sisters' privacy and amanah- you have your sisters with you InshaAllah.
Did you inform the sisters on the sisterhood blog too?

These are the last nights of Ramadan maybe we may never see another one. If we all make dua together there is nothing beyond Allah's control and He can change hearts as he changed the heart of Umar Farooq (RA) who was going to kill the Beloved of Allah and then accepted Islam.
Love your Sister

angry-amy said...

i am not afraid to post publicly here without using the anonymous feature.

my name is amy and i am exploringprejudice on youtube. if you follow the links that hijabee posted to candace's youtube you will see that she did indeed post what looks like a trivial post with a title similar to "tattoos, religion and guerilla's, oh my!" but please dont forget that this post was actually a post in reponse to another video by the same name.

i was the creator of the video that she was responding to, and in her response, i assure you that she did not talk about tattoos, or guerillas. her post was far from the triviality that you seem to imply in your post here. she had been following my research for an extended period of time at this point, and felt a need to assist me, and for this she deserves commendation... not accusations that she was discussing issues of triviality.

now, i dont know the extent of her illness, but i assure you that she referenced this illness to me in private messages long before any of this came to light and i can vouch for the fact that she was not "faking" as you seem to be accusing.

as a scrapbooker who owns her own business, i can assure you that i have taken part of a number of round robin projects. and i also know how much it stinks when someone doesnt seem to follow through with their committments. but thats part of the risk you take when participating in any round robin style project.

your previous commenter (SaboorahAmatuRahmaan) made some wonderful points for you here. in a time when the mail system certainly cannot be trusted, and where mistakes happen, and where people's ideas and thoughts are to be preserved... you really should not be sending entire scrapbooks through the mail if the goal is to preserve the whole project long term. accidents happen. things get wet or destroyed.

i am not saying that candace is either right or wrong, but as an outsider, i find your posts here to be somewhat bullying and hurtful. regardless, and forgive me if i am wrong but, your religion teaches that backbiting and slander are both wrong. either she did purposefully fail to keep up her end of the bargain and your broadcast of it is backbiting, or she did not do it on purpose and you are incorrect in your allegations and it is slander. both equally as wrong, dont you think?

and before you ask, i am not a Muslim. but as someone who is drawn to the Muslim community to defend it as a peacefilled religion, this whole conflict leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

sad really. because forgiveness and love really should be what you want non-muslims to see...

my email address will probably show up when i click post so i ask that if people have responses to me, they do so via my youtube and not my personal email. thanks.

Hijabee said...

Thank you for your comment. InshaAllah,everything will be sorted out and I believe in the power of Allah to take care of this and we will be satisfied with whatever the outcome is.

Just going through this fitnah has reunited the sisters again and I received messages from sisters who I haven't spoken with for a long time, so there is something good that comes out of everything. In the end, if our sisterhood bond is genuine and intact, that's all that matters. Hope all is well with you and your little ones.