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I've ordered the Burgundy shirt used in this set from Al Farah. I placed my order on October 31st and I received it today, so it took about a week for them to process and deliver it. I love the cut, design and it looks great with dress pants! Just what I was looking for! The picture doesn't do it justice. I actually love it so much that I will order it different colors. They have it in Black,White, Soft Pink and Lime
Please note that this is a fitted style and you will need a bigger size than your regular size for a loose fit. I ordered the hijab from Star Scarves on the same day and received it today as well and it goes well with the red shirt.

Red Fire by hijabee

Items used in this set

Women's Stretch Ponte Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Trousers Old Navy $34.50;Button Tap Blouse Al-Farah, On sale $27.99; Black Rosy Print Kuwaiti from Starscarves $16.99


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit!! I ordered a duster coat from Al-Farah a while back and was not pleased. But I'm glad things worked out for you! Star Scarves has some pretty shaylas and hijabs! Maybe I'll cough up the cash and place an order sometime soon;)

hijabee said...

Halal Honey,
What happened with Al Farah? I also ordered a skirt from them that came with my order, but I don't like it, its big and the cut is not appealing, it looks like a big bag~ so I will return it . And yes Star scarves have a lot of variety!

Anonymous said...

The customer service was good, it's just that the duster coat looked nothing like the picture. I ordered a size small and it was HUGE! I could literally fit 2 of me in there, lol. It cost me 80$ plus shipping and I was too lazy to send it back (it's too late to return it now), so it's collecting dust in my closet:(lol I'm still kicking myself for losing 80 dollars, but oh well:) You win some and you lose some.

hijabee said...

halal honey,
Maybe you should sell in on ebay lol :) And Im lazy like that too coz I want to return the skirt since its too big but I put it in my closet and I might just sleep on it. I have 25 days to return it though, I will make sure to go to the post office before day 20! lol

Anonymous said...

Yea girl, get your money back!lol

M.J. said...

i have a shirt from them i found at a shop here. it has great coverage, is beautiful and modern, but i'm the quality wasnt top-notch even though it LOOKED great. i'd still re-purchase though, but i dont know about trusting their website bc the top i got looks much better in person and nothing like the sites pic :/

*~Ange~* said...

sweet... so sweet. love that floral hijab too!

so you would recommend these companies then?

Amina said...

i loove the color of the hijab!! beautiful!!
great outfit :)

Mina said...

Very elegant, I love the colour, I can tell it would look great on you.

hijabee said...

Same here, I love the fact that it 's got great coverage. It's hard for me to find shirts that are modern and that don't show cleavage! And yeh, their tops look better than the pictures on the website.

Yeh I would recommend them. Star Scarves especially have tons of hijabs. The shipping was fast too.

I love it too. I did not have too much red in my closet :)

Thanks hun.I love the color too.

Cecilia said...

I think it looks great!

muslimahh said...

So cute! I love the scarf. I really need some floral scarves...I think i have like 2 and I don't really like them anymore!! lol!

hijabee said...

I need more of those too. I think this is the first one Im getting in a long time :)