Pashmina Mecca

This is the farm's Women Market accross the street from where I work. I see different stands there every day, kinda like a flea market and a lot of people stopping by. For some reason, I never got the urge to stop by there but today during my lunch break, my friend and I went there coz we were bored! I was in for a surprise. They sell Pashminas for $5.OO a peice! Yes, you've read right $5.00. The ones that have a design are $6.00 and the extra extra large ones that you can drape around you, even decorate your walls with lol, are $7.00/each no kidding! I don't know about you but I used to buy my Pashminas for $12-$20 a peice. And they have so many different styles, designs and colors. Also if you're buying a 100 pieces, they will sell it for $4.00 a peice. Needless to say, I will stop by there more often!

These are $5.00/each

There are $6.00/each and they have tons of designs and colors


Nourah said...

Oh my goodness!! That soo cheap. A pashmina retails for almost $30.00 here!!!!!

Iraqia said...

wait, where in dc is this exactly?!??!

hijabee said...

I know!! I couldn't beleive it and they have so many different styles!

Do you live in DC? It is on 7155 Wisconsin avenue, Bethesda MD 20814. Its about 2 blocks from the Bethesda Metro station accross from Starbucks. The lady told me she was gonna be there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays from 9:00am to 6:00pm till December. Then she's going overseas and coming back in March.

Mona said...

SO pretty! I love street markets.

Cecilia said...

I love them! I have a few of them at home.. in sweden they cost about 9$ or maby 10$ it depends on where you by them ofcourse

Mina said...

Yay I love street markets, espicially the one near my mums house that I will miss:(They too have pashimina's for low prices and such a varity of colours.

The Cairo Wife said...

WOWWWWWWWWWW! Now I want perfumes AND pashminas! I love them! And $4 a piece for 100? I swear if I was still in USA I'd start a business!

hijabee said...

MOna, Mina,
Street Markets are diamonds in the dirt. You can find great stuff over there and so cheap.

Same here, I've never seen one for so cheap!

The Cairo Wife,
Tell me about it. This might give me ideas :)

Amina said...

oh my good!! they are so pretty and cheap!!!
I looove pashminas!!!
happy shopping

Iraqia said...

oh cool thats not that far from me, i think im going to check it out this weekend! thank you so much!!!

catmadgirl said...

Hey I LOVE your blog! You are soooo becoming my MUST READ! Talking bout pashminas. We here can get pashminas as cheap as $2.50!

Those are not of good quality but then u noe its good if you take care of it well.

hijabee said...

Yes, they are cute indeed.

You're welcome. Have fun shopping.

I love your hijab styles. Keep them coming!

muslimahh said...

How would you like to be my pashmina personal shopper?!? The money is on the way! :)

hijabee said...

Wheneverrrrr! Just let me know what colors :)

muslimahh said...

Don't play with me! I'm serious! :)

hijabee said...

I'm dead serious:) Try me!

muslimahh said...

When I get paid again I'm emailing you!!

hijabee said...

What colors do you want?

Megan said...

Oh goodness, sure wish I lived there! Then again, I'd have far too many pashminas ;)

Ana Paula said...

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Ana Paula