Open Letter

This is an answer to Umm Travis'entry about it being a strange day that Muslims are rejoicing for Obama. I was going to write a comment but it was too long so I decided to make a post and here we go. By the way, this is not directed to you personally sister Umm Travis, I have read a lot of posts recently on sisters'blog saying it was unislamic to vote,I just wanted to drop my thoughts.So, this is an open letter to every muslim out there who beleives it to be unislamic to vote in a non muslim country. And I hope that this will not bring any controversy inshallah.

After reading your post, I understood why you felt that this was indeed a strange day but I had to disagree with some of the points raised. I don't think that Muslim Americans voting mean that 'they are participating in a system which opposes the rules of Allah' nor do I think 'it is opposing Islam' or 'imitating the disbeleivers'. See, I don't think it is more islamic to vote for Mubarak (muslim)in a muslim country, than to vote for Obama (non-muslim). I don't think it is more islamic to vote in muslim countries where tyrants are ruling than to vote or rejoice for Obama. I might get stoned for saying this, but I do beleive that we have tyrants at the head of almost every so called muslim state today! I am not of the ones who will blame the West for the situation of the muslims today. Not in Iraq, not in Palestine, not elsewhere. Why,you may ask.... Because the only people that there is to blame today is us: the muslims, the nation of Muhamad saw. We have let this ummah down, we have let our messenger down and above all, we have let Allah down. We are responsible for our own state, we have abandonned Allah's way and He has abandonned us! When the Iraqui ruler is wearing a $4,000 suit having dinner with foreigh advisors, flowers at his table while the Iraqui people are eating dirt, I refuse to blame George W.Bush. When Osni Mubarak, the egyptian ruler doesn't want to open the gate so our Palestinian brothers can get food, I refuse to blame America. I blame us, I blame us for our inaction. The prophet saw taught us to unite, the beleivers he said,in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs is afflicted, the whole body responds to it with sleeplessness and fever. But we have not responded, we refuse to respond and that's why I will never blame the US for our failure. The prophet saw said unite, however we are the most ununited nation on earth. Do you know how many party divisions they have in Iraq? 600, 600 divisions! Subhanallah.If they are invading us, it's because of our weakness in faith, it is because we are accomplices! And when they will be judged, we will be judged too. America couldn't invade Iraq without us being accomplices, they can't defeat Afghanistan unless we are part of it. When America was low in cash not too long ago, who bought bonds to restore liquidity in our economy? the Saudis. When muslims die in Sudan, when muslims are so poor in Egypt that they sleep on cemeteries, when muslims are hungry. Where were they? Where were the muslims? Where was the nation of Rassululah? When a muslim prince in the gulf donates billions of dollars to build the first church in his country while muslims don't have water to drink, what's happening to us? You know, Bernard Shaw once said "Islam is the perfect religion, with the worst followers" and I think he was right.
Now as far as muslims living in the US which is ruled by non muslims and voting is concerned,shouldn't they have a say? Or should they sit in the backseat and wait for a muslim ruler? I'm a strong beleiver that if we know that one candidate can be a benefit to the muslims in general, then there's nothing wrong about giving him support. It's not the same as supporting a non muslim over a muslim leader. In this case, we do not have the audacity to hope for a muslim leader in America as of yet. Between two evils, as muslims we should choose the lesser evil, which I beleive to be Barack Obama in this case. I'll keep on rejoicing to the thought and hope that this person is working to stop the killing of our brothers and sisters in Iraq.And also to the thought that when the economy gets better , muslims living in America will also benefit from it. See, there is nothing wrong about supporting a non-muslim leader! Our prophet saw did not shy away from treaties with non-muslims. Brothers, and sisters, don't you remember the agreement that was made with the Christians of Najran in the south of the Arabian Peninsula? Don't you remember the pact of Madinah, signed by the Muslim immigrants from Makkah and the Jews of Madinah? Remember, the Prophet SAW said that Christians will be allies to Muslims when the Dajal comes at the end of times.
One of the main reasons why the golden age of Islam was one of peace and security was the Prophet’s just attitude, itself a reflection of Qur’anic morality. I agre with the philosophy that 'In our day, the only solution to the fighting and conflict going on all over the world is to adopt the morality of the Qur’an, and, like the Prophet saw, never to depart from the path of justice, making no distinction between different religions, languages, or races.' Because Allah will support the non-muslims over the muslims if the non-muslims are just and the muslims are unjust! Because one of his attrinutes is the JUST and Allah loves Justice, and dislikes injustice! Our ummah has lost its sense of justice, muslims are oppressing muslims! Sad but true!
We as an ummah, we have failed and that is why I will choose Barack Obama over an Osni Mubarak any day! Even if the latter said La ilaha Ilala. Because he gives me hope,hope that maybe, one day I will live to witness a muslim american at the white house.I dare to be audacious!


Umm Travis said...

Assalamu alaykum my lovely sis :)

As for voting in ANY democratic election, I still think it is unIslamic. Here in Egypt for example, the government is quite corrupted, so why anyone wants to risk voting is beyond me! As long as we support any non-Islamic system, it makes it difficult to implement the REAL islamic system. First the people have to realize the truth, THEN they should implement it.

I personally have never ever voted, I thought it was stupid, and how could someone like me know what is right or wrong politically? The people are not in a position to choose their political leaders, only highly educated folks, such as they used to do in the times of the Khalifah. Until we show discontent and unite as an Ummah, nothing will change.

When I referred also to the ppl uniting in a Muslim country, it was because here, if we DO unite, then we have the power to bring back a Khalifah. I dont think that is very likely in America.

That is why it is so important for Americans who want real change not to expect it from the government OR anyone or anything there in the West. There are few Muslims there first of all, we are more likely to see results by increasing the demand in the Muslim countries. If the Ummah can unite on the RIGHT path, then it will logically follow that the democratic (or monarch) system will die out. After all, the democratic system is based on what the ppl want, so if they WANT a Khalifah, we can implement it here at some point in shaa Allah.

I hope that makes some sense!

Amina said...

Masha'Allah, Hijabee in DC, i couldn't have said it better. Just to add one thing to muslims not helping each other, the Prophet SAW told us in a hadith from Sahih Muslim, that the christians will always outnumber us muslims, and one of the reasons is that they take care of the poor one among them and we don't. As long as we don't try to change our behavior as individuals, then as a family, then as a united ummah, Allah will not change our condition, that's His promise SWT. Where are the muslim countries as our brothers and sisters are being slain in Iraq, in Palestine, in Afghanistan ???????? What are we doing to stop it ?
If somebody wants to work to help them have a more peaceful life, one without having to hear the sound of missiles on a daily basis, whether he be a muslim or a non muslim, he will have my support !
May Allah help our nation, all our brothers and sisters being oppressed and suffering all over the world, may He make us stronger as a nation ! Aameen !

hijabee said...

Umm Travis,
Waleikum Salam wa rahmatulahi. I understand what you're saying and wallahi I wish we had a khalifa, I wish we could all just unite and make it work. And I hope it will happen one day inshallah. But I don't think that we should give up in the US because we are a small number. Remember when Islam started, we were a minority too. When there were just a few muslims, we were much stronger than ever before, because there were no hypocrites among them, it was just strong belevers, and that's how as a few they won the battle of Badr against the unbelievers. We will always be the nation of minorities, but that doesn't mean we have to give up. By fighting, we can hope that one day, it will be better! By voting, we can hope that one day we will be enough so our vote can really make a difference.

Salam sister,
You are right~ WE need to change ourselves first so Allah can improve our condition. The change has to come from within and that will be our true jihad.

gazelledusahara said...

well put, It is so easy to blame the big bad "West" and the kafirs for all that is wrong, but its more difficult for Muslims to give each other a good hard look and real about the injustices perpetrated on each other.

*not a pass on all the crappy U.S. and European foreign policies though.

Desert-Veil said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sister Hijabee,

Boo Ya and You go sister! I couldn't have said it better myself. I personally have been called a Kaffir and anything else you could only imagine could be said and this coming from my "Brothers and Sisters" in Islam who would condemn and pass judgement on me because I wanted to vote in an election where I believed that anything but McCain AKA Bush would be better then what we currently have now.

And amazing enough this is coming from people who aren't even from this country or can vote or not vote in this county. But your words sister spoke volumes and Mash'Allah for speaking them sis.

I pray that one day this Ummah can have a rightful 'Government' that is run by Islamic law and not corruption and greed such as the 'Islamic Countries' we currently have (Funny I don't see them bashing on their own governments door; they just hit us up on ours)

In the end Our Ummah needs to come together, our Ummah needs to support each other and not bash each other or pass judgement upon others (as we know that is a sin in it's own); Our Ummah doesn't need to condemn each other and if we as an Ummah want to make it right then our Ummah needs to get up from the desk, get off the computer and make it right not just sit back and complain about everyone else and what they did or didn't do and why we are so wrong.

May Allah (swt) help us reach that one day.

Cecilia said...

well said!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's ignorant for someone in another country to tell me whether I should vote or not. In Islam, if there is a maslaha (benefit) then it is important to do all that we can to get the benefit. Barack Obama has proven that he wants peace. He does not have the same bad agenda against muslims that McCain has. The Egyptian ruler Mubarak has killed more muslims than Obama has. SubhanAllah. I could go on and on, but bottom line, you said it very well sis. I couldn't agree with you more!

Mona said...

Well written, Hijabee.

hijabee said...

Yes, it is not a pass on crappy foreign policy but sometimes we need to look @ ourselves and stop pointing the finger.

Yes,I've read some so called sheikhs say that it was kufr to vote! I don't know where these people come with some of their fatwas. This was not the way of Rassululah!And you're right in for our Ummah. May Allah guide us.

Halal Honey,
You are right. As Muslims, we should act to benefit our fellow Muslims, and in this case , I do think the lesser evil on foreign policy is Barack Obama.

Mona, Cecilia,
Thanks :)

Shawna said...

wow. i'd never heard that it was unislamic to vote in a non-islamic system. how in the world will we be able to implement change if we don't work with the system in place?

i've always been of the opinion that if we have the ability to educate ourselves on the issue and the opportunity to join the conversation, we should equip ourselves and do so.

Shawna said...

oops. i forgot my salaams. please accept them belatedly.

hijabee said...

Assalamualeikum! You'd be surprised that some fatwas were made saying it was kufr to vote in non islamic states..... But like you Im a beleiver that change only comes with action!

Habayeb said...

i dont even understand whats all the hype about :| why are some ppl getting sick and tired if some muslims who are not even living in america donating their facebook status for obama to win or talking about obama? yeah i "dont know" how obama is really going to be but no way i wanted a Mccain following Bush's footsteps.

Will people stop arguing on this and start thinking of how we can help the pak earthquake survivors?

muslimahh said...

Very, very, very well said. Though I don't let the West off the look completely!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said! I do think, however, that we shouldn't allow our selves to be lulled into a false state of security. I am out of my mind happy that a Black man is now the president of the USA and I think the world took a huge leap forward two nights ago, when people had the courage, and the decency, to elect a man regardless of his color or religious background (the fact that his dad is Muslim, not him).
Do I think America, both domestically and foreignly, is out of the woods? Not by a long shot.
So while I think that we should actively participate in the 'democracies' of the world, be they Western or Middle Eastern, I don't think we should forget the bigger picture: a return to a unified Ummah.
Thanks again sister.. and nice blog ;)

Mina said...

Seriously though, no one is right I think...The positive thing about all of this is America has taken a huge leap into the right direction Inshallah, all this talk of voting and its prohibited to vote and what not is between each person and Allah on judgement day. Lets leave it at that.

hijabee said...

Neither do I :) "I was just coming home to roost"
But of course after the emotions settle, reality will kick in!Let's just hope for the best inshallah

I think there are issues more important than that, and that is why this was my last comment on that topic to sister Umm Travis on her blog:

"On another note, I personnaly do not follow fatwas blidnly. Almost on every hot Islamic topic you can find fatwas that support one point of view and fatwas that are against that point of view, and all those fatwas will come from scholars! I can post here fatwas from scholars who will support my point of view of voting, will that validate my claim? I don't think so. At the end, we all will leave beleiving what we beleive in. I was happy that during my Islamic Studies, the first thing I learn was: A fatwa is a religious opinion, nothing more, nothing less! It is not the law, it is not the Quran and it is not a sahih hadith. It is the opinion of one scholar about a religious topic. Hence, I always try to go back to the Quran and hadiths and if I can't find my answers there, I try to make the best decision based on sincerity and let Allah be my judge! As far as voting is concerned I did not find anything in the QUran OR Sunnah prohibiting it! Maybe there is and maybe Im ignorant, allahu Ahlam. I don't beleive that sisters who support voting are blatantly doing so to ignore religious teachings, I don't beleive they don't care either. I don't beleive that you being against it is because you're blatantly trying to prove a point. I do beleive they love their deen and I do beleive you love Islam too. But the truth is, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I think you're wrong, or if you think I'm right coz only Allah's opinion will matter! Not my opinion, not yours or fatwas. I will not say that you're wrong for what you beleive, it is not my judgment to make. One of us doesn't have to be wrong~ There were instances where 2 companions came to the prophet saw arguing that the other was wrong and they were right. And after listening to them and their explanations of why they acted a certain way, Rassululah told them they were both right even though one followed the book and one made his own interpretation~ Islam is great like that, that it is not a religion where one has to be wrong and one has to be right~ It is not rigid like that, 2 can sometimes be right even if it doesn't always look like it. I will know leave us with Imam Shafi’i rahimuAllah's words “Never do I debate a man with a desire to hear him go wrong in his articulation, or to expose the flaws in his argument, and thus vanquish him. Whenever I face an opponent in debate I silently supplicate, ‘O Lord, help him so that truth may manifest itself in his heart and on his tongue. If it be that the truth is on my side, may he follow me; and if the truth be on his side, may I follow him.”
I love all my sisters for the sake of Allah despite our differences and my shortcomings.
May Allah guide us all, May He forgive us and May He show us His way and the way of those whom He loves.""

Hopefully we can close this chapter now :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very well said Hijabee. I'm not going to comment on Umm Travis's blog about this anymore, because it's pointless. I stick by what I said-I think it's ignorant for a person from another country to tell me not to vote in mine's. If you didn't vote, then you lose the right to complain if things aren't going well, because you had a chance to make a difference and you didn't. Regarding foreign policy and so many other issues, I strongly believe that Obama will do all he can to bring peace to the world. Compared to McCain, he is def. the lesser of two evils. I have not found anything in the Quran and Sunnah that says we cannot vote. And Umm Travis-there are scholars (you know the MUSLIM PEOPLE) who have gone out of their way to tell people to VOTE VOTE VOTE. Yes sister. I am not gonna start a heated debate, but just remember that there are many diff. opinions in Islam, and just because someone is not following YOUR opinion, does not mean that they are incorrect or are sinning. It's nice that you are always making du'aa for your fellow muslima bloggers, but do not continue to do it in a condescending way to me, and to those who have differing views than you. I have diff. views than you and with all due respect-you're just going to have to deal with it. I appreciate your concern, but advising me on my own blog about a certain issue once is enough. Like I said-just because a person chooses to follow an opinion diff. than YOURS does not make them incorrect or less of a muslim than you (as you have suggested). If someone living in America was to tell me that they are against voting, then fine. They live here and it is their decision and I respect it. But if you do not live in America, do NOT tell me or try to ADVISE me not to vote. Because I LIVE HERE, and I am affected by the laws that are passed and the policies that are enforced.

hijabee said...

Halal Honey,

I hear ya & agree! you're totally entitled to your opinion in this issue! There is no evidence from Quran or Sunnah, hence you can do what you feel is best inshallah. May Allah guide us all.

Anonymous said...

Ameen, inshAllah!

Mina said...

Hijabee - I understand were your coming from sis, but I feel that its maybe freedom of speech???If Umm travis feels like its not Ismalically right to vote or what not, then thats her choice, everyone has their own views on the matter, but we shouldnt be saying "Oh don't vote, no vote." thats the persons personal, religious choice...At the end of the day we are all Muslims here and Alhamdulilah we all love each other for the sake of Allah. Theres really no need to qurral. All will be reveled on the day of Judegment.

And I agree with what you said --- You should speak up and defend what you believe in:)Mashallah.
But at least for now lets try and get along for the sake of Allah we all have our faults and shortcomings.

Your sister in Islam Amina xXx

hijabee said...


I totally agree and Inshallh there won't be any misunderstandings. Love :)

The Cairo Wife said...

May I add this link to a beautiful take on why it's important for Muslims to vote?

You have to copy and paste the whole link.

hijabee said...

the cairo wife,
Thanks for sharing.

Salman said...

Iam a new revert to Islam and did not know that there was so much politics mixed up with Islam


Anonymous said...

Umm Travis

The first elections held in Egypt a few years a go brought greater parliamentary seats for the Muslim Brotherhood. It brought a very small change to a corrupted election, but change was done peacefully. If you really think Egypt will be a khalifa then you are dreaming because there are two choices: remain under dictatorship or move towards democracy (regardless of whether it is rules by islamists or not. Before wishing for Khalifah, study it and the bloodshed it brought. You really dont need to be under a khalifah to be a good muslim. What will unite us is a common interest and religion cannot bring that about because it is ultimately about spirtual beleif anddedication to God. Each country should look to improving on their own and the condition of their people. Muslims are in the condition they are in simply becauses the masses do not have a voice (democracy) and we have let tyrants oppress us. So it is great that America is changing for the better.

If you are going to work and pay your taxes, study in this land, use the services then you should take part in voting because decisions made will affect your life.