Thank you to all the sisters who donated to " A Sister in Need". May Allah reward you and protect you! The sister is currently working with Social Services to get child support and is preparing a case against her ex-husband as well. In the meantime, Half Date is hosting a date drive and listed my cause as one of the causes to vote for. So, please take your time to vote for A mother & daughter in Washington DC ($3000) . It only takes a few seconds, please vote as they will only donate to the cause who wins the date drive. If you want to vote, click HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating on that matter!I'm glad she's working to get her position better,because sometimes in such cases a person might fall in depression.I wish her the best.Of course,I voted for your girl!

Have a good week!


Empress Anisa said...

Alhumdulillah... that's great news!

hijabee said...

Thanks hun. Hopefully things are gonna get better inshaAllah. Have a great week as well :)

Empress Anisa,
Thanks for stopping by sweetie. I've been so busy lately, didn't have time to check on you. I hope Hijabi Aprrentice got the sisterhood's hijab!

Lisa said...

I was so amazed by your compassion in getting the word out Hijabee. Sorry I couldn't donate as I've been laid off. I voted too.

hijabee said...

No worries! The thought is enough. Thanks for voting :)

Amina said...

i voted as well!!!

HalfDate said...

assalam alaikum,

Voting means you will give at least $5 for the cause.

Also, as you know it's better teach someone to fish than giving them a fish, so if you have any ideas how we can setup an income stream for this needy family (mom/daughter). HalfDate is willing to help, in-sha-Allah.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Yasmeen said...

That's nice to know.Sorry Hijabee,I couldn't be of any financial help for the needy sister.But she is in my prayers and I linked for donation at my blog,I also voted for her at half date.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I voted.

Anonymous said...

I hope the sister is doing better now, inshaallah I'll make duaa for her.

The Cairo Wife said...

Salam Sister: I have opened my blog again privately. If you would like an invite, please email me at: emmyzidan AT yahoo DOT COM

Yasmeen said...

Salaam Sis ,can you please trail back to my blog for my
token of gratitude

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sis. Hijabee,
I am so proud to know a sweet sister like yourself. I have a friend from college whose father is muslim and she is interested in going to a masjid and learning more about Islam - right there in DC with you. With your generous spirit, I thought that you might be kind enough to look out for her. What do think? If you're free to take her to the masjid, please drop me an e-mail.
Fi Iman Ilah,

~PakKaramu~ said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

hijabee said...

Thank you for your prayers and for linking to your blog.I really appreciate it :) I will check your blog for the token !

Thank you so much for your donation. May Allah reward you.

Thank you for voting :)

Thank you for your concern and AMEEN to your duas.

The Cairo wife,
Im so happy to see that you're back! I will email you :) Thanks for stopping by!

Waleikum Salam. You're too sweet :) I would be happy to meet your friend and take her to the masjid inshaAllah! I will email you in a while, Ive just been really busy lately! Love you for the sake of ALLAH sister.

Waleikum Salam :)

singamaraja said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

Singamaraja reading your blogs

singamaraja said...


Singamaraja raeding your blog

HalfDate said...

Assalam Alaikum,

Please let us know if you can fine a local masjid/organization to receive the help for this sister.

HalfDate can only send help to some organization.